Miley Cyrus wowed everyone when she released her new music “Malibu” earlier this year as it showed another side of the singer that fans have not seen for quite a long time since her “Wrecking Ball” single. She revealed in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she decided to change her Image because she felt she was too sexualized.

Cyrus graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s August issue. For her cover interview, she talked about trading her wild ways into a mellower version of herself. She also said that she just wanted to be herself and not the joint-loving, breasts-bearing version she portrayed for years.

What made Miley Cyrus change

Initially, fans believed that her reunion with Liam Hemsworth made her change. After all, she did change her sweet image to a sexier and edgier one when she and the actor called off their engagement. They reunited back in January 2016 and Cyrus slowly toned down.

However, in her Harper’s Bazaar interview, she pointed out that Hemsworth coming into the picture once again is not the only reason she wanted to changer her image. She said that she no longer wanted to show up in photo shoots and be the girl who would “get my t**s out and stick out my tongue.” She admitted that that image of hers at first made her believe she was telling everyone that girls should be able to experience the freedom she was experiencing.

She also shared that she has no regrets with what she went through from Hanna Montana to the “Wrecking Ball” era to the simpler “Malibu” image. She said that when she transitioned from the teen pop star she was when she did the Disney show to the edgier Cyrus when she first released her “Wrecking Ball” single, many said they wanted Miley back.

The singer noted in her recent interview that people cannot say they want Miley back because she never went away in the first place, Elite Daily reported.

Not quitting marijuana forever

Time reported that Cyrus also talked about quitting marijuana usage for the time being. She said that she wants to be clean as she prepares for her new music but this will not last forever quoting Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” single.

She said that the time she spent talking about marijuana and showing her followers on social media that she likes using weed was her way of showing people they can be themselves. For now, she does not want to look cool and the only thing that is important for her is to be herself as she transitions into a new image.

Cyrus reminds fans to not listen to what others tell them

Cyrus said in her Harper’s Bazaar interview that change is inevitable and that so many people lose their way when they change and people react. She said that people should not lose who they really are just because they have others telling them who to be, People reported.