It looks like things are getting serious between “Vanderpump Rules” star stassi schroeder and her boyfriend, Beau Clark. Schroeder first publicly confirmed her relationship with her new boyfriend back in February on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

As fans of “Vanderpump Rules” know though, we are currently watching the end of her relationship with (ex) boyfriend, radio DJ, Patrick Meagher play out on screen right now during season 6 of the show. Meagher has not been receiving a very warm reception from viewers this season, as he and Schroder are often shown fighting.

Schroeder is not the only one facing relationship struggles this season, though, as fans just watched Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor break up on last week’s episode.

Spoiler alert -- Schroeder and Meagher do break up after 4 years of on and off dating (and arguing) and Schroeder now seems happier than ever with her new beau (pun intended).

The couple, along with fellow co-stars and best friends, Katie Maloney Schwartz, Tom Schwartz, Kristen Doute and Brian Carter attended Coachella weekend two this past weekend. Schroeder and Clark were very open about showing some PDA on social media.

Showing affection

According to, Schroeder wrote on her Instagram story: "You know it’s love when you accept someone for wearing cat shirts & overalls" -- referring to her boyfriend’s interesting fashion sense.

So yes, it seems like the reality star confirmed she is in love, perhaps without even realizing, on her social media account -- especially since Schroeder is well known for her sense of style, and even has a fashion blog. Things must be serious if she loves Clark -- overalls and all.

Schroeder also posted an adorable photo of she and Clark holding hands at Coachella on Saturday, April 14, joking, with the caption: “Just gross” clearly referring to their very open PDA.

Not shy

Although, fans already know that the couple is not shy about their relationship nowadays. Both of them often share videos and photos of each other on their Instagram stories and pages daily. They first made their relationship status Instagram official on Valentine’s Day, when Schroeder posted a video story accounting all of the things he did for her that day (including a murder theme heart cake).

But Clark revealed during her podcast, “Straight up with Stassi”, that they first hung out back in August after being set up by Doute and Maloney-Schwartz. So it seems like the happy couple have Schroeder’s besties to thank.

As Inquisitr reports, “the couple could find themselves in front of the camera sooner rather than later.” So, fans can probably expect to officially meet Clark on season 7 of "Vanderpump Rules" as Bravo typically begins filming in May each year.

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