Miley Cyrus recently graced the May issue of Billboard where she surprised the fans for trading her twerking image to just being the artist we've known from the beginning. The "Malibu" singer even said that she would like to reinvent her personality by surrounding herself with people who will encourage her to become a better person.

Life in Malibu

During her leisure time, Miley usually spends time in her pad in Malibu with her pet dogs, pigs, and miniature horses. The leafy compound has also served as her safe haven with Liam Hemsworth. The Australian actor bought the place in 2014, and after getting back with Miley, the "When I Look At You" artist has been spending most of her free time there.

The 24-year-old singer also loves that she can live a normal life while in the beach city. She would even walk her dogs around, talk to the commoners, and would personally go grocery shopping. Her life in the LA County has inspired Miley to write her latest single, titled "Malibu," which she performed first at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards last Sunday in Las Vegas.

'I think she's so happy'

Brandi and Tish Cyrus, in an interview, talked about what Miley has been doing after coming up with "Malibu." Her older sibling said she admires that the singer knows her priorities amidst popularity. More than the fame and spotlight, the "Can't Be Tamed" singer still consider her relationships as her top priority.

Miley also makes sure that she is not overworking herself by taking breaks in between her concert tours and promotional activities. With these, Brandi can say that her sister is currently happy with how she is leading her life at the moment.

Her observation was supported by their mom, who also thought that the singer is in "such a great place" which can be proven by her latest music.

Tish even commended her daughter for staying true no matter what the circumstance is.

Miley on 'The Voice'

The singer recently appeared on "The Voice" where she sang her newest song "Malibu" and dedicated the performance to Ariana Grande and to the victims of the Manchester attack. The recent act of terrorism killed 22 individuals and has left 59 others wounded.

Miley also took to Instagram to send her thoughts and prayers to her friend who may be physically "okay," but emotionally "broke" for the turn of events at her UK concert last Monday night. In her post, the "Real And True" singer could only wish that hope and love will overcome war and hate.