A wax figure of Melania Trump debuted at Madame Tussauds in New York City today. It was placed next to a waxed version of her husband Donald Trump, which made its debut last year. Melania and Donald Trump take their place in history at this wax museum just like the presidents and first ladies who have come before them.

Donald and Melania Trump are now together in their waxed form and much like their waxed predecessors, they stand stiff and stoic. Their creations come complete with a replica of the view out a White House window in the background.

Not too much like the real deal?

The reveal of Mrs. Trump in wax pulled in plenty of criticism for both the president and the first lady's wax statues today. "Straight out of the Addams' Family," said one Twitter user, while others found the waxy couple not sporting enough resemblance to the real deal.

So who do the wax replicas of the first couple look like, besides the "Addams Family?" Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary was there when the Trump wax creations were unveiled to the public and he seemed to think that Melania's replica was very life-like and "highly accurate," reports NBC News.

Land of the waxed giants

The pictures taken of Spicer next to the Trump statues were almost comical as he was dwarfed by the company of the wax first couple.

Many social media users questioned whether or not he was the real Spicer in the pictures or just a wax version of him like the Trumps.

It was the real Spicer and while he was fine with the way Melania Trump looked in wax, others online weren't as pleased as he was with the statue. Then there were some folks who thought there was an uncanny likeness, but they didn't share this as a compliment.

Some social media users were very honest in their critiques about wax figures in general and how they never do the real person justice. While the resemblance might be there, most statues are not dead ringers for the person it is intended to be.

Critics have a field day

One Twitter user seemed to think there was a likeness to both Melania and Donald, but they apparently didn't see that as a good thing.

The Twitter user suggested: "Poses, miserable expressions, that awkward stiffness. Looks like literally every other photo ever taken of @realDonaldTrump and his family." They saw the resemblance, but they apparently weren't too keen on the president and the first family.

Is that Caitlyn, Sarah, Brooke or Rebecca?

As you can see by the post above, people are comparing Melania's wax statue to Caitlyn Jenner. As one social media user wrote, "Why is there a statue of Caitlyn Jenner next to Trump?"

The wax creation of Melania Trump also looked a little bit like a young Brook Shields when seen from a distance.

There was even somewhat of a resemblance to the great basketball player Rebecca Lobo during the years she reigned at UConn. The statue might even resemble Sarah Jessica Parker if you stood far enough away.