Melania Trump just can't seem to catch a break with the humiliation emerging from the headlines these days as the latest round of humiliating words seems to be emerging from Ivana Trump in the form of sympathy. Having an ex-wife attempting to equate with you over an alleged cheating husband might be more like adding insult to injury than a feeling of camaraderie.

Ivana Trump recently shared her views on Melania and what she is enduring today with Trump's alleged cheating scandal churning away in the news. According to Mercury News, Ivana Trump was once close to Donald Trump and "she knows all too well that he's not the most loyal of husbands."

Misery loves company

That was then and this is now, as Donald Trump continues to deny the claims and Melania Trump has chosen to stand beside her husband and take his word on this.

Instead of leaving well enough alone, Ivanka Trump has taken it upon herself to let everyone know that she feels "sorry" for Melania Trump.

Ivana divorced Donald Trump after learning her husband was cheating on her. That was back in 1992 when Trump met Marla Maples, who went on to become his second wife. Ivana told the New York Post in a recent interview: "I feel bad for [Melania] because I know how bad I did feel.

It hurts a lot."

Is Ivana adding insult to injury?

While she didn't say what she felt sorry about when it came to details, it was assumed she was talking about the allegations that Donald Trump is facing today from an adult film star and a former Playmate, suggests Mercury News.

Unless you've been in the Arctic Circle floating along on an iceberg over the last few months, you've heard the allegations.

One woman alleges she had a one night stand and the other claims she embarked on a short-lived fling with Donald Trump. Both timelines put these alleged encounters around the time Melania gave birth to Barron Trump.

Sympathy from an ex?

Ivana was very forthcoming with her advice and sympathy when telling the post she could never stay with a man she couldn't trust.

She said if she couldn't take his word when he said he was at work or if he left her wondering if he was really on the golf course, then she couldn't stick around.

It is interesting to note that both the women alleging an affair with Trump have mentioned a golf outing as a setting for their allegations. Either way, Ivana made sure to say in the interview that "I cannot do it," when talking about always wondering if her man was truthful about his whereabouts.

Some women, but not Ivana

These words of sympathy might sound more like a dig as Ivana continued saying how certain women have their ways of handling an unfaithful husband. Then she seemingly lowered the boom by saying how she has her "pride" and her "dignity," but so many women out there don't in her opinion.

Ivana went on to say how some women have a tendency to stay with their men even when they are caught cheating and they basically swallow their pride. But not Ivana, she is one of the women out there who just couldn't do it.

She also mentioned how some women are afraid to make a move as they are more worried about what they will lose in life by divorcing the unfaithful man. She suggested that some women don't want to lose that social status if they are married to men of power. Wow, that was about as sympathetic as it gets!