Melania Trump attended the funeral for Barbara Bush, along with past presidents and previous first ladies. The current president didn't go, although his wife Melania Trump represented her husband with class and grace. A few moves that Melania made during the services might not represent her husband's mindset when it comes to Obama. The first lady was seen smiling and chatting with Obama as if they were old friends.

Melania Trump represented her husband at the funeral for 92-year-old Barbara Bush, as Donald Trump opted to stay behind. He explained that he did not want to disrupt the service with even more security if he were to attend, according to E!


Melania Trump sits with a strange group

Since taking office and even while on the campaign trail, Trump has been very critical of Obama and his reign in the White House. Despite Trump's mindset on Obama, E! Online suggests that Melania and Obama "were pictured smiling and chatting." Photos of the first lady and the former president together at the service went viral on social media.

Oh, to only be a fly on the wall

As you can see in the post above, people everywhere wished they could have been a fly on the wall to hear what Obama and Melania were saying to one another that evoked such a broad smile on the first lady's face.

Melania was actually seated among a group of people that Trump had targeted with rather negative comments and still does on a frequent basis.

Awkward seating arrangements for the first lady

In the church pew, there was nobody seated to the right of Melania Trump, but to her left was Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle Obama was seated next to him.

Then there was Bill Clinton, who was seated next to Michelle. To Bill Clinton's left was his wife and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

With the exception of Michelle Obama, the rest of this small group have all been targets of Trump's verbal attacks in the past.

One might think that Melania might have felt a bit awkward sitting among the people her husband has called some rather nasty names at one time or another.

The epitome of grace and charm

Whether Melania felt awkward or not, she was the epitome of grace and charm, never turning a cold shoulder to any of the people that her husband's words have lambasted in the past. As a few social media users pointed out, it looks as if Michelle Obama is "pissed" as Barack Obama chats with Melania. An example of this is in a Twitter post below.

Some thought that it was very odd that Trump opted not to go and pointed out how he sent his "shamed wife" instead.

Others thought he wasn't invited as Barbara Bush herself was not a fan of Trump.

Barbara Bush was not a fan of Trump

According to E! Online, Barbara Bush' s thoughts on Trump were seen on TV interviews when her son Jed Bush was campaigning against Trump for the Republican ticket. She implied that Trump "is a misogynist," suggests E! Online.

Nothing odd about this

As far as Trump not going to the funeral, there's not much out of the ordinary about that. According to E! Online, "Then-President Obama didn't attend the funerals of Republican first ladies Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford, while former President George W. Bush did not attend memorial services for Democratic first lady Lady Bird Johnson."