Mackenzie Mckee is making headlines and doing good things in her life. After a brief hiatus from the spotlight, the former “Teen Mom 3” star is back and better than ever. She has been working hard on her fitness. McKee has also been dealing with her mom's brain cancer diagnosis. With everything life has thrown at her, she is still smiling through the storm. The last few months have been busy for Mackenzie McKee and yesterday, she began something new.

What is Mackenzie up to?

It has been rumored for weeks now that Mackenzie McKee will be joining “Teen Mom OG.” In fact, speculation is that she will make an appearance at the reunion show which taped in early March.

McKee was also filming a special for MTV that came about after her mom's cancer diagnosis. Angie Douthit has been a huge concern for Mackenzie and the special is going to highlight the cancer battle.

On top of all of that, there are more exciting things happening for the reality star. Mackenzie McKee launched a podcast yesterday. It is titled, “MACK: Raw and Unfiltered.” This is a huge deal for her and her journey toward being successful in life. McKee joins the ranks of other “Teen Mom” stars who have appeared on or currently host a podcast. According to OK! Magazine, this has been in the works for roughly four months. McKee is excited about this new adventure and looks forward to Monday nights when new episodes are released.

Busy life

With everything else going on, Mackenzie McKee is also mom to three children. She has been open about her struggle with diabetes and her day to day life. There were also marriage troubles between Mackenzie McKee and her husband, Josh McKee. The two have since worked through it, but she opened up about how hard that was on her family life.

Things are going in the right direction for the reality star now, and she couldn't be happier about it.

It will be interesting to see where Mackenzie McKee lands in a few months with all of the news she is sharing with fans. There is hope a confirmation on “Teen Mom OG” filming will be happening soon, though most fans are sure she is the replacement for Farrah Abraham. McKee has yet to complain about any of the other moms, so it is likely the addition went better than it did when Briana DeJesus was added to “Teen Mom 2.” This could be a good year for Mackenzie!