Not everyone is happy to see Farrah Abraham get the boot from "Teen Mom OG." Farrah's mom Debbie is one of them and earlier in the week, she took aim at Mackenzie McKee, suggesting that her storyline won't be relatable to fans.

After admitting that she's never followed Mackenzie's "Teen Mom 3" storyline, Debbie Danielsen first acknowledged Mackenzie's mom, who is currently battling brain cancer. That in itself will make Mackenzie's storyline very interesting. However, Debbie thinks that fans won't get into the fact that McKee is a female bodybuilder who has literally built her own fitness business based on her own hard work.

Will Mackenzie be a good fit for 'Teen Mom OG?'

Now that Farrah Abraham is officially leaving "Teen Mom OG" there has been some discussion about whether Mackenzie would be able to fill Farrah's shoes in terms of ratings and fans. Farrah has been controversial for a long time and that spells huge ratings and a pretty decent following for Farrah.

Mackenzie believes that she can draw just as much interest with her own story, which is a bit more wholesome than Farrah's. She also doesn't have a personal issue with Farrah and now that she's replacing her, it's clear that Mackenzie isn't trying to stir up any bad blood between the reality stars. She's simply filling the open role, something that even Farrah would do if she was in a similar position.

Mackenzie disagrees with Debbie

"Look, I don’t have any beef with Farrah and never have," Mackenzie told Blasting News exclusively. "We don’t know one another personally. I don’t have anything against any of the girls. We are all moms doing our best."

"I was a bit shocked actually at how nice Farrah and her mother were about me," McKee continued.

"I will say I am a bit confused how a type 1 diabetic who pulled through sickness and learned how to live a healthy lifestyle which turned into a passion of fitness modeling and her own business striving to teach others to live healthier is not relatable but being in the porn industry is. I mean, maybe I’m missing something here idk.

But Farrah has stated she doesn’t need MTV and can make it big on her own and I think she will. Best of wishes to her."

With the Season 7 reunion for "Teen Mom OG" already filmed, MTV is ready to move forward with taping for the upcoming season. Clearly, things will be different without Farrah Abraham around. However, that seems to be what the network wants after they made it clear that Farrah's work in the adult industry just wasn't a good fit for her "Teen Mom" role. Bringing in Mackenzie McKee takes the reality series in a whole different direction, adding more of an uplifting star to the show rather than one that brings the drama.