Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband Austin Forsyth seem to be doing great and just had their first child together. In Touch Weekly is sharing that a source says that these two might not have followed the courting rules near as close as the fans thought. When in the Duggar family, you don't actually even kiss until you are married. They don't even hold hands until they are courting and they try to take things really slow.

Insider reveals details

An insider is speaking out and saying that Joy-Anna and Austin were together a lot alone, which is not normal for Duggars during courting.

They usually have a chaperone along with them when they do anything, but that just isn't the case with them according to an insider. Of course, Joy and Austin aren't saying anything at all about these Rumors and probably won't speak out. They are normally quiet about what people have to say about them.

The insider also said that Joy and Austin were caught kissing each other on multiple occasions when nobody was around. This is pretty odd that they would do it that way, but it sounds like they were able to get away with it. The source says the couple admitted to it but said they "were only human." The insider even believes that more could have happened with them, but nobody knows if that is the case or not.

Most normal couples actually kiss each other before their wedding, but the Duggars just have their own way of doing things.

Could this be true?

It is possible that it is true. Joy-Anna and Austin were friends for a long time before they got married. It might not have been impossible for them to sneak off and be alone. Any of the couples could do this, but if Joy and Austin did, they are the only ones to get caught so far.

The Duggars never want the negative news about them to come out, so they wouldn't reveal if other couples in the family got caught kissing or doing anything else either.

There were a few rumors that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth got pregnant before her wedding, but it really does seem like instead they actually had a honeymoon baby.

It sounds like they got pregnant right away and this happens for the Duggar family often.

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