Kailyn Lowry is in love! The "Teen Mom 2" star recently revealed that she had fallen in love and she's telling fans all about it. This is great news for Kail now that her ex-husband Javi Marroquin has moved on yet again. After he split from Briana DeJesus, rumors got pretty intense about Kail and Javi getting back together but that didn't happen. He ended up going back to Lauren Comeau and the couple have been posting pictures on social media again. As for Kail, she ended up going on vacation.

Kail goes to Jamaica with her kids

Kailyn Lowry packed it all up and headed to Jamaica with her three sons.

She shared a lot of her trip with fans via Instagram and it looks like they all had an amazing time.

Apparently, Kail's time in Jamaica had her feeling great. She posted several photos of the trip and in many of them, she was topless. Fans gave mixed reviews of Kail's shirtless photo. Some loved her curvy, tattooed physique while others begged for the "Teen Mom" star to cover it up. In the last shot, Kail even captioned it, "Jamaica had me feeling free!"

It was obvious that Kail loved the family trip to Jamaica. It was pretty obvious by her huge smile in every single picture. And who could blame her? The island is beautiful and there were plenty of things to keep them all busy.

Kail even posted a touching tribute to her oldest son Issac.

She gushed about her firstborn and talked about the special time they got to share together, a rarity when raising three kids by herself. Kail really got to bond with all of her boys and the spring break trip was a smashing success.

Kail is in love

The trip was so amazing for Kailyn Lowry that she even tweeted that she 'Fell In Love in Jamaica" That got her fans going as they speculated about who she might be in love with.

After all, she has been flashing a pretty cheesy love grin in all of her pictures from the trip.

Some even teased her to be careful not to get pregnant with baby number four while she was on vacation. Kailyn laughed it off.

Now if Kail fell in love with another person, she sure didn't give any clues during her trip.

However, it does look like she fell in love with Jamaica. It isn't the first time Kail has teased about a relationship that wasn't actually real either. Remember when she teased about taking a flight with her "love" on Instagram a while back?

Don't be too surprised if Kail heads back to the island for another getaway soon. She stayed in a resort in Negril and told her fans that it was a great place for family. She even warned "Teen Mom" fans looking for a party spot not to pick her hotel since it was more family-oriented.

Do you think Kail Lowry was talking about someone special? Or did she just fall in love with Jamaica during her spring break trip with the kids?