The fans of "When Calls The Heart" have been in shock since it was revealed that Jack is gone. It was already shared that Daniel Lissing decided to leave the show. In a new Facebook live event, Daniel, Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow talk about it all. First off, Lori shares that when his contract expired he chose to part ways with the show and they totally support his decision.

Could they have recast Jack?

A lot of shows do recasts and some fans think this should have been the way they went with Jack, but they didn't. Lori touches on this during the live chat and explains that Daniel really could never be replaced.

She explained the writers didn't feel like that was possible. Erin and Daniel have such a great chemistry together that it wouldn't have been the same with someone else playing the part.

They knew that the actor wouldn't be coming back so just sending him away wasn't a great idea. They also talked about a possibility of a break-up, but they knew that Jack would never leave Elizabeth that way. Death was the only way that he would leave Elizabeth and the fans know this about the character.

They wrote it for the fans

Lori Loughlin explained that they tried to give the fans everything they wanted from this relationship. They gave them an engagement, a wedding and even a baby on the way for Jack and Elizabeth.

Lori thinks it was a great season. She hopes that the fans will continue to support them after this happened. Some fans are saying they won't stick around, but there is a lot of story left to tell on this show.

Daniel also shared that he needed to leave the show for reasons that are very personal to him. He still has a great relationship with Hallmark, so you never know when he will show back up on their channel doing something.

Erin and Lori have known this was coming for a while and it was hard for them to keep it quiet. They really hope that the fans will stick around for Season 6. Erin even got pretty emotional about how she is going to miss Daniel being around. The next season should be a lot happier with the new baby on the way.

Are you still in shock over the fact that Jack has died on "When Calls the Heart"?

Will you still be watching next season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes when the show returns next year to Hallmark. Also remember that Daniel is hoping to work with Hallmark again and that could end up being something wonderful for him in the future that fans will love.