Tonight on the season finale of "When Calls the Heart" the fans were in shock to find out that Jack was killed off. He really hasn't been around much this season, so it made everyone wonder what was going on. Well, it turns out that it was the actor who plays Jack that decided it was time to go. Daniel Lissing was ready to move on and do something else. The thing is nobody is sharing what he will be doing instead just yet.

Lori Loughlin reveals all

Lori Loughlin actually went to her Twitter tonight to reveal that it was Daniel who made the choice to leave the show.

Her tweet said, "We wish @DLissing all the best! We will miss him but understand his choice to move on. And above all we support him in his decision. We love you Dan!!! ❤️ @hallmarkchannel #Hearties." It totally sounds like he asked for Jack to leave the show.

With the huge love story going on between Jack and Elizabeth, it would have been really hard for them to just get rid of him by having him leave town or anything. Really the only way that Jack could leave the show that would make sense was for him to be killed off. He had such a great love story that there was no way he was going to leave his wife behind.

Lori thinks the show can go on fine

Some fans are saying that they won't watch the show without Jack, but Lori spoke out and wants everyone to be okay with the show going on.

She said, "Do you realize if the show came to an end many people would be out of work. Let’s think before we tweet sentiments like this one. We have a lot of stories to tell you as well as a devoted cast and crew who are dedicated and deserve to have a job." It sounds like the show will be just fine.

For now, fans are going to have to wait and see how the show plays out.

They revealed at the very end that Elizabeth is pregnant, which means that Jack will live on in his own way. It is going to be great to see how she is as a mother and all of the support that she will have from everyone in town while raising this child as a single mother. There are a lot of stories left to tell about Elizabeth and the entire town.

Are you shocked to hear that it was Daniel Lissing's choice to leave "When Calls the Heart"? Do you feel like the show will stick around for a long time without him? It has already been renewed for another season, but it isn't actually coming back until next year, so it will be a while before fans get to see it all play out. You can find out more from the cast on a Facebook Live that will be done tomorrow.