Clayne Crawford is under fire after reports have come out that he is difficult to work with. It is alleged that he and co-lead actor, Damon Wayans, have had some alterations and barely speak when they’re on set of “Lethal Weapon” together. Crawford is also said to have had troubles with one of the episode directors. These reports were discussed on TVLine and Deadline.

Crawford directs an episode that leads to castmate’s injury

In an episode directed by Crawford, one of his castmates was injured. This led to a major tiff behind the scenes and tension on set from there on out.

It is said that Wayans was the one who was injured after a piece of shrapnel hit him. It fell from an effect and caused the actor to have safety concerns about the set. There were then limitations set on what Wayans would and wouldn’t do, causing problems between him and his director/star cast member, Crawford. Crawford now tells his side of the story, saying he was already reprimanded for the incident.

Guest director quits because of Crawford

Another incident Crawford was reprimanded for was due to safety concerns of his own.

He allegedly had a scuffle with a guest director for one of the episodes because of the conditions in which he was being made to work. He said he reacted in anger over the working conditions. Crawford was even made to pay the director so the studio would not have any bad blood between themselves and the person in question.

Instagram confessions from Crawford

Viewers got to read Crawford’s side of the story after he posted a lengthy response to the tabloid reports on his Instagram account. He notes that the headlines are “incredibly distressing,” and says he is “very grateful for [his] job.” Crawford does admit to being reprimanded for both incidents, but tells his followers there have been no further problems since and he is devoted to treating everyone in his life with kindness.

He discusses how he has nothing but love and respect for his entire cast and crew and apologizes in the note for any discomfort he may have caused on set or otherwise. That was never his intention and strays from who he is.

Lethal Weapon” had more popularity as a television reboot than some other movies-turned-TV-shows did. It’s a shame some tension among the cast could lead to its early departure. After just two seasons, will “Lethal Weapon” come to end? Viewers will have to stay tuned and wait for the full list of renewal and cancellation announcements before seeing if the show will survive.