Call it karma, which is what Blake Shelton did in a tweet that has Twitter in a flutter as the country crooner seemingly just threw shade on his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. Blake didn't use her name, but he didn't have to, as fans everywhere picked up on his encrypted messages popping up this week.

The gentleman in Blake never let him come out and share the details of his divorce from Miranda Lambert, but there were rumors that she cheated on him during the four years that the two were married, according to Fox News. The news that emerged yesterday appears to have struck a cord in Blake who jumped on Twitter with his encrypted words that sounded like sweet revenge to some.

Dating a married man

Miranda Lambert is dating Evan Felker, who is with the group, Turnpike Troubadours, but in a new report from Us Weekly, it is learned that they started dating while Felker was still married. This report also describes Felker's wife as being devastated when learning that he was cheating on her. The media site also reports through their source that Felker's wife had no other choice but to file for divorce.

'Karma' tweet tells the story

This is the report that is thought to have caught Blake Shelton's eye as he started his encrypted karma tweets as soon as this report emerged. Not only have rumors swirled through the years that Miranda cheated on Blake during their marriage, but Blake's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani once hinted to this as well.

His soul-mate

Blake and Gwen started dating after they landed the gig on "The Voice" while both were going through very painful divorces. Gwen's husband, Gavin Rossdale, had cheated on her and she suggested back then that Blake was going through the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Their circumstances played a part in the couple forming a bond, as both felt jilted by the people they loved. While Blake was not as forthcoming as Gwen about the origin of his divorce, it was surmised Miranda cheated on him, that is up until now. Blake's tweet not only appears to poke at Lambert, but it is also seen as a confession of sorts about how his marriage to Lambert really ended.

You can see that tweet, which is posted below.

Fans rally

He also retweeted a tweet that one of his fans posted. That tweet said, "this is what the #TRUTH feels like!!!" Blake's fans hopped on Twitter to say Miranda got what is coming to her and what goes around comes around.

Then there were those who looked a bit deeper into the story of Blake and Miranda's relationship. Reports indicate that Blake was still married to his first wife, Kaynette Williams when Shelton and Lambert started dating.

While both Shelton and Lambert have denied these reports in the past, some Twitter users remember these allegations.

Throwing stones from your glass house?

With those reports in mind, some fans put Blake in the hot seat on Twitter about doing the same thing as Miranda did. While the report of Lambert dating a married man is still swirling today, another source has emerged to say that Felker filed for divorce back in February and his wife followed by filing 12 days later.

Either way, it appears that Blake Shelton finally got to tell his side of the story through that cryptic tweet.