wentworth’ hasn’t yet aired its sixth season, as it’s set to premiere soon in summer 2018. Even though the next installment hasn’t arrived, production has already started on the seventh season. Viewers will get to see the likes of Franky, Allie, Vera, Boomer, Bridget, Kaz, Will, Liz, Doreen, and more until at least 2019. That is, as long as no one dies like Bea. Now it’s just a question of whether the Freak will return after being buried at the end of season 5.

A show with international support

The Australian show first airs in its own country on Foxtel, but viewers in other locations get to see it as well.

Netflix puts out the entire season at once after it finishes airing on television. U.S. viewers have become just as enthralled with the show as local watchers, rooting for the women’s prison crew they’ve come to know and love. With such widespread support, it’s easy to see why a seventh season is already getting its start for next year even without the next set of episodes having aired.

New faces are joining the cast

At least three new faces are joining the cast of Season 6. Leah Purcell, Rarriwuy Hick, and Susie Porter will all be part of the women’s prison show. Others are being brought in as well in an effort to shake up the cast and give new dimensions to the already drama-filled episodes.

Hick will play Ruby Mitchell, Porter takes on the role of Marie Winter, and Purcell tackles the character, Rita Conners. It will be exciting to see how these new additions vibe with the other cast members. Showcase describes the inmates as volatile and bound to raise the stakes.

There has been speculation about other cast changes, including whether or not fan favorite, Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson), will be returning.

The question of Joan Ferguson being dead or alive is also on people’s minds. A new doctor may be replacing Bridget, while a detective might also get added to the mix.

Season 6 air date

Viewers waited for what seemed like forever to find out news about the season 6 air date. It was only revealed recently that the next installment would arrive on June 19.

The fast news regarding Season 7 should come as a shock to many since the other details took so long to arrive. ‘Wentworth’ has previously aired in April or May, making this the longest wait between seasons yet. The new cast additions are most likely the culprit.

The Showcase Channel provides a look inside the Foxtel show episodes, as well as weekly episode recaps. Check out their website to discover more information about the upcoming season and what’s to come on ‘Wentworth.’