The latest episode of the second season of Lethal Weapon has yet to be released. The series, along with other Fox shows, went on a hiatus to give way for the ongoing World Series. The fifth episode has been slated to air on October 31 if there will be no World Series Game 6. Nonetheless, Fox announced that show will continue after the 2017 World Series officially ends.

While fans are waiting for the action comedy series to return, Fox has released a couple of new trailers to reveal what’s going to happen in the upcoming episode. An old character will be coming back, and another part of Detective Martin Riggs’s past will be tackled.

Leo Getz is back in action

In the new episode of “Lethal Weapon” Season 2, Riggs and his partner, Detective Roger Murtaugh, will be looking into a murder case. In their investigation, they cross paths with Attorney Leo Getz once again.

Just like the last time, Getz found himself entangled in another misunderstanding that placed his legal career at risk. The ambulance-chasing attorney had to team up once again with Murtaugh and Riggs, so he can clear his name for the second time.

Getz, who is portrayed by actor Thomas Lennon, made his first appearance in “Lethal Weapon” Season 1 Episode 15, which aired in February 2017. Showrunner Matt Miller expressed his interest in making Getz a regular character, but that’s still in the works, so he’s been set to make frequent guest appearances in the second season.

Riggs looks for a home

The new episode looks fun and action-packed as usual, but Riggs will be facing another part of his past. The first season focused on his past with his wife, who was murdered by the cartel. After getting his revenge, he found another demon from this past that continued to haunt him.

In the previous episode, the Fox series introduced Riggs’s father, who was the one who taught him how to shoot.

The upcoming episode will delve deeper into how his father’s presence became a huge factor in his upbringing.

The preview hinted that Riggs’s didn’t grow up in a typical family, so now he’s looking for a place to call home. The previous episode only mentioned Rigg's mother, who was sick at the time. Riggs opened up in his regular therapy that his dad did the best he could, and Riggs became the man that he is today because of his father.

Riggs's tough childhood might have been the root of his unconventional behavior, adding up to the fact that he also lost his wife and unborn child when he was ready to have his own family. The new trailer showed Riggs confiding in Murtaugh’s wife, Trish, during his personal quest to find the true meaning of home.