Rimes’ former sister-in-law Candice Sheremet has a beef with the singer and she is airing it all out in a nasty Twitter rant calling Leann Rimes a "train wreck" and a "pathetic Piece Of Crap" along the way. It has been eight years since Leann Rimes ended her marriage to Dean Sheremet, but obviously Dean's sister Candice Sheremet hasn't forgiven or forgotten in all this time.

Family drama continues to haunt Leann Rimes

Candice Sheremet took to Twitter recently, according to Radar Online reports, in a rant against her former sister-in-law, "Blue" hitmaker, Leann Rimes.

She claims over the past years that there have been a few times when she would have liked to contact Rimes and give her some advice such as telling her she is a "g*d**n idiot," "to get help," and "to stop with the sad and embarrassing" act.

Some things are just never forgotten

Candice goes on to reveal in her rant that she is well aware that she has a "crazy ex-sister-in-law" and that she is very happy that her brother Dean ended the marriage with no ties to Rimes, and no children. Celebrity news fans well remember the scandalous cheating drama that went down between Leann and current husband Eddie Cibrian, who began an affair in 2009 while working together on a Lifetime movie


If celebrity news fans do not remember, it is a safe bet reality fans of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" have an idea how nasty a scandal it was from Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife and reality star Brandi Glanville, who was married to Eddie at the time. Throughout the years Brandi Glanville has had no problem telling the world just what she thinks about her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and Leann Rimes.

Twitter users who caught Candice's Rimes rant were quick to ask why, after all this time, is she still harping on the past. She stated that she sees the stupid antics that Leann Rimes still pulls and it bothers her and that she gets "embarrassed by her and her life."

“I’m at [the] ‘You’re so pathetic point,’” she continued.

“Probably because I personally know her. And know what a pathetic piece of crap she is. It’s really sad to me at this point" Candice Sheremet posted. You can bet good money that Brandi Glanville is sitting back and enjoying every moment of this blasting. After all the drama, pain, and problems she has dealt with over the years when it comes to her Dean and Leann, especially when her two sons are involved, it has to be a bit enjoyable to watch someone else call Leann Rimes out on all her bizarre antics. I just wonder if Brandi Glanville reached out to Candice after the Rimes Twitter rant?