After a few days without news about the upcoming Movie ofDragon Ball Super,” finally some information has reached my hands. We can expect an amazing plot for the next movie, which will center on the story of the Saiyan race. To begin with, many interesting new details such as new images and the shape of the supposed villain that may threaten the peace of the universes has been revealed. And to shock everybody, this antagonist is a Saiyan as well!

The shape of evil

As a promotional means, anybody that goes to a cinema in Japan will immediately receive two posters of the new movie.

In the first one, we can see Goku with a very polished animation style, wielding his classic sacred bo. But what caught my attention the most, is the second poster, which shows the darkened shape of the new Saiyan, with ice and snow in the background. It would seem that the movie will be taking place in an arctic terrain. Judging by the shape of this new Saiyan, I can say that he has a similar physical build to that of Goku.

It is important to note that this mysterious Saiyan has the classical tail all Saiyans have from the moment of their birth. It is somewhat a curious fact since Toriyama revealed a few days back a Saiyan from the past which also had the characteristic race tail, with the name of Shallot.

The connection between these two characters grows stronger.

What does the poster say?

Finally, the poster with the shape of the new warrior also includes some words from Akira Toriyama. Those words say as follows: “The movie of 'Dragon Ball Super' will be the next story of the series. After the events passed during the Tournament of Power and the survival of the Universes, we will develop a much deeper plot about the relationship between the Emperor of Evil Frieza, and Son Goku; a relationship I was unable to deeply elaborate at its time.

We will also enjoy the presence of a new and powerful warrior and an extremely powerful enemy that was being saved for a situation such as this.”

The anime “Dragon Ball Super” has taken a break for the time being, but the story will continue.

Without any doubt, all these recent developments have raised my interest in the franchise even more.

We finally have an official confirmation on this character’s race, and now all that is left to wait for is the release of a new trailer.

Movie details

The "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set for release on December 14, in Japan. Its worldwide release may follow after that date. The movie will focus on the Saiyan race on the planet called Sadala. Thank you for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!