Just one day after Khloe Kardashian shared a beautiful pregnancy picture on Instagram with her baby daddy Tristian Thompson and just days (possibly hours) prior to her giving birth, the nine-month pregnant Kardashian sister is facing a scandal. According to Cosmopolitan, multiple videos have surfaced of Thompson appearing to cheat on Kardashian with multiple women in New York City.

Daily Mail reports that he was “up close and personal” with a woman at a bar on Saturday night. “The woman who filmed the clips said: "I was there and he was on the table right next to us with a group of friends and some girl who he was obviously making out with all night.”

Serial cheater

Neither Thompson nor Kardashian have yet made a public comment about the allegations.

Sources do say though that Thompson is a known cheater and Kardashian was even warned about this kind of behavior.

According to Cosmopolitan, Kardashian’s family even feared this kind of thing, "Women are constantly throwing themselves at professional athletes, and it’s very easy to stray when teams are on the road. Kris never expressed her fears to Khloé because she felt it would cause nothing but drama and create tension." Especially after Kardashian’s marriage with other former NBA player Lamar Odom failed, everyone seemed concerned about her going after another professional athlete.

Mom to the rescue

According to Entertainment Tonight, "Kris has gathered the family and made sure they would all be there for her…her family is rallying around her." Kardashian Family powerhouse and momager Kris Jenner does not want this news to take away from the “importance” of this birth.

The baby will be the first for this Kardashian sister so all that matters to her right now is having a healthy baby girl.

What is the truth?

Understandably, the Kardashian clan was very shocked and upset because these videos surfaced as they welcomed Thompson into their tight-knit family and really seemed to like him. ET reports that the family is trying to keep their sister from reading any other news in fear of upsetting her so close to her giving birth.

The same source adds, "At this point, Khloe's family wants nothing more than to believe that he is a stand-up guy and that this was a setup.”

Another source claims that Thompson was doing nothing but talking to a girl closely in a loud club and then he left with his Cleveland Cavalier teammates, that’s it. But other videos from TMZ seem to prove this false as he is seen entering a NYC hotel alone with a woman.