Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal continues to grow. As Khloe Kardashian remains in Cleveland, Ohio, where she's expected to give birth at any moment, new details regarding a number of other women involved with the Cleveland Cavaliers player are being leaked.

On April 10, Thompson found himself in the midst of controversy after a couple of videos of him with other women were shared online. In the first clip, which was shared by the Daily Mail, Thompson was seen with a woman at a nightclub who he chatted with before kissing. A short time later, another video surfaced of the basketball player which featured him sitting on a couch with two women who grabbed his junk and made out with him as a third woman was seated nearby.

That clip was taken in Washington, D.C. while the first clip was taken in New York.

Tristan Thompson hooked up with a woman in a hotel?

There was also another video of Thompson that hit the web in which he was seen entering the Four Seasons hotel in New York City with the same woman he was believed to have been kissing at the PH-D Lounge. During his visit to the NYC nightclub, Thompson was seen sporting a white hoodie and a black jacket.

Although the identities of the women were not quickly revealed, it has since been reported that the woman seen at PH-D Lounge and at the Four Seasons hotel with Tristan Thompson goes by the name of Stephanie. She also reportedly has an Instagram page by the name of @ms.stephaniee_.

Did Stephanie share a sex tape on Instagram?

According to a report from The Mirror on April 11, Thompson's potential mystery woman shared a video of what appeared to be her and a man having sex with one another. Although the couple's faces were not seen and the video has since been removed, rumor has it that the athlete was involved.

As the outlet explained, the video was quite graphic in nature and had reportedly been taken on March 21, 2018.

"I'm pregnant too since everything out here," Stephanie wrote in the caption of her post. She then suggested that Tristan Thompson wasn't "the only Cavs player either." "There's 1 more," she added, not revealing any names.

Stephanie has deleted her Instagram account

After going public with her alleged sex tape and pregnancy, Stephanie deleted her account altogether. Now, after Stephanie revealed tons of shocking information, fans are wondering what will become of Khloe Kardashian's relationship with Tristan Thompson and their unborn child.