Kanye West posted photos of a very cold and eerie-looking hallway that almost looks as if it leads to a crypt. This was taken from inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye's $20 million mansion in Hidden Hills, but it looks more like the opening of a horror movie than a lavish home.

According to the New York Post, Kim and Kanye's home is as weird as you thought it would be. The stark, cold pictures of that elongated hallway that Kanye posted online doesn't offer that "home sweet home" feeling one might want for their abode.

Creepy movie?

Instead of a family of five rambling through the home in your mind's eye, it looks more like a setting for a scene right out of a movie.

This seems to explain why folks online are equating the look of this home to the movie "Get Out."

Even Kanye made a reference to the "Get Out" movie by captioning his tweeted photo, "more tweets from the sunken place." This is a reference to the "terrifying hypnotic state in the blockbuster film,"Get Out," according to the New York Post. That picture can be seen below from Kanye's tweet.

Kim wasn't happy when seeing what her husband posted on Twitter. She tweeted her disappointment, along with a request in the tweet below.

Kanye breaks a rule

They had a rule, apparently -- one that was broken by Kanye.

Now Kim wants the "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" film crew in their home, apparently something they haven't welcomed before.

Kim was more concerned about the photo of the home rather than her husband referring to their domain as a scene out of a horror film. The stark white marble-like walls and the arched doorways and windows make this look like the underbelly of a cathedral.

Long journey

It appears that there is a lot of walking to do if you want to get from one end of this hall to another. Way down at the end of the hallway sits what looks like a couch in such a lonely spot. Maybe it is some type of resting place for the long journey that that hall offers?

The $20 million mansion was once home to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley's daughter.

The videos that show the home all set up to entice a sale before Kim and Kanye purchased it is not the way they have their place set up today. As the Post suggests, the place does appear a bit bizarre with those long, stark hallways. You can see the home before it was Kim and Kanye's in the video below.

As you can see from the aerial photos, the place is huge and it's probably easy for little kids to get lost in a house that has 10 bathrooms. While the home was supposed to be Kim and Kanye's private castle with the rule of no photos online from inside their home, it looks like Kanye just couldn't help himself when gazing at that hallway he posted in the tweet above.