kim zolciak quit her role on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" earlier this month after a dramatic feud with NeNe Leakes throughout the 10th season and on the reunion. However, according to Kandi Burruss, she really wasn't a big part of the cast to begin with.

On April 21, after landing at LAX from her home in Georgia, Burruss was approached by a TMZ photographer, who questioned her about the reasoning behind Zolciak's decision to leave the show. As the photographer explained, Zolciak claimed she was leaving the show because it brought too much stress into her life.

"[Kim] really wasn't on the show," Burruss replied. "She was visiting, you know? She was a friend of the show," Burruss further explained.

Kim Zolciak wasn't a full-time 'Real Housewife'

"[Kim Zolciak] wasn't an actual peach holder," Kandi Burruss added. "So, it's cool."

As Burruss continued to make her way through the airport, the photographer asked her if she thought "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was a stressful show or if Zolciak was stressed out because none of her co-stars wanted to film with her. "The show is stressful for everybody -- not just her," Burruss explained.

Burruss was then asked about the recent rumors suggesting that Kim Zolciak's co-stars were refusing to film scenes for the show alongside her.

"Nobody, for the most part, really was getting along with [Kim], except for [Sheree Whitfield] I guess. [Kim] didn't really talk or hang out with a lot of people on ['The Real Housewives of Atlanta'] anymore," Burruss said.

While Burruss may be happy to move on with the show without Zolciak, she noted that Zolciak's absence won't make the show any less stressful for her and her co-stars.

In fact, her absence won't make much of a difference at all. "[Kim] hasn't been here in five years so it's like, who cares?" she continued.

Kim Zolciak targeted Kandi Burruss' show during the 'RHOA' reunion

During the three-part reunion special for season 10 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Zolciak attempted to suggest that her spinoff, "Don't Be Tardy," was more successful than that of Burruss.

However, as fans saw, Burruss quickly shut the idea down, revealing that her show was rated much higher than Zolciak's, especially currently.

"[Kim Zolciak] came at me. I wasn't even trying to throw shade at her. She just made a statement that was untrue and I had to correct her. That's all," Kandi Burruss added.