A new report suggests that Google has made it "very easy" to find vile and disturbing fake videos of Melania and Ivanka Trump online. "Deepfake" has quite the array of disgusting Videos Online featuring the faces of some famous people copied and pasted onto the bodies of people acting out in these graphic scenes.

According to VICE, which is an investigative news show seen weekday evenings on HBO, a Google search of "Melania deepfake" or "Ivanka deepfake" brings up a long list of links to these adult-themed videos. This is a disgrace whether you like Melania Trump or not.

It is wrong to do this to anyone, especially the woman who holds the prestigious title of the first lady.

Disturbing videos

The videos are posted by the different users of this site, with someone calling themselves RedKiller posting a number of videos featuring the fake image of Melania Trump. Fake images of Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, are also featured in a few of these disturbing videos online. Mila Kunis and Jennifer Love Hewitt have also been victims of these vile videos with their images transcribed into the videos by this RedKiller user.

Vice reports that Twitter, Reddit, and Pornhub have stripped these "Deepfake" videos from their sites due to the rather disgusting nature.

While it is well known that "Deepfake" videos are just that -- fake, it still doesn't mean that it isn't embarrassing for people to have their images in these videos.

What about their kids?

What is really tragic about this has nothing to do with any title Melania holds. Melania, much like the other women who have been targeted by this site, are moms.

With the internet being such a staple in most homes today it is just a matter of time before someone's child stumbles upon these disturbing videos.

Fake news is alive and unwell

"[Deepfakes] will significantly exacerbate the already existing problem we've got with disinformation undermining self-governance, democracy and the rule of law.” This statement was made to VICE News by Bobby Chesney, who is a law professor at the University of Texas and former White House adviser.

This just exacerbates the fake news problem today, suggests VICE. People are finding more and more fake news online. Now with these fake videos, all of this false information can be very harmful to the people they target, as well as their families.

Hany Farid, who is an image forensics expert and chairman of the computer science department at Dartmouth College, suggested to VICE News that the technology to make these fake videos is just about at everyone's fingertips today.

Farid said, "Any time now a politician is caught saying something inappropriate, illegal, or offensive, they have plausible deniability, they are now going to say this content is fake."

Serious problem

As far as Melania, Ivanka, and the other famous faces that have been transposed into "Deepfake" videos are concerned, there shouldn't be an electronic vessel that actually carts them into your home for you to view on the computer screen.

If they aren't out there and available at the click of a computer key, they won't be seen. If the makers of these disturbing videos have no way to distribute them to the masses, chances are they will cease and desist.