"Oh boy," John Mulaney tweeted a post on Thursday, March 29, 2018, confirming that he will host the “Saturday Night Live” episode on Saturday, April 14, 2018, along with Jack White as the musical guest.

John wrote for the SNL staff for six years, mainly staying behind the scenes. Mulaney surprised the fans last month appearing as Stefon's (played by Bill Hader) attorney, named Shy, one of Mulaney's most memorable characters co-created with cast member Bill Hader.

This is the first time that John will host SNL. It naturally made sense that the co-creator of the "Weekend Update" would sneak a cameo appearance showing off his classic improv skills by making Bill Hader laugh on live television.

According to StarPluse, Mulaney’s “The Obama Show” which is co-written by Seth Meyers and listed as one of his top ten sketches on SNL.

'Kid Gorgeous' has sold out tickets

During Mulaney tenure at SNL, he never spent much time in front of the camera. AVclub mentions, Mulaney will be promoting his upcoming Netflix special, “Kid Gorgeous” at Radio City, which airs on May 1. John is no stranger to stand-up and writing long comedic sketches.

The “Kid Gorgeous” special at Radio City Music Hall has sold out seven consecutive shows selling over 40,000 tickets earlier this year. Mulaney has been nominated 11 times for an Emmy award as a writer and producer on SNL and “Documentary Now,” a television series on IFC.

A talented improviser

In 2008, Mulaney joined SNL team as a staff writer, and occasionally appeared on "Weekend Update." In 2011 Mulaney won the Emmy award for SNL. NBC officially made the announcement, and then Mulaney posted the news on Twitter. John recently returned as co-host of the "Film Independent Spirit Awards" with Nick Kroll plus an upcoming comedy special Seth Rogen's “Hilarity for Charity,” which is also available on Netflix.

This is Mulaney’s third Netflix special, followed by "The Comeback Kid" and "Oh, Hello on Broadway."

The fans are buzzing with excitement wondering if Mulaney will bring his friend and mentor Nick Kroll, from "Oh, Hello," a comedy act about two old New Yorkers that started on the "Comedy Central" show and then transitioned to Broadway.

According to Vanity Fair, John has a comedic habit of changing lines and dialogue at the last minute on live television, as he did with the Stefon (Bill Hader) character from the "Weekend Update." Will he surprise the fans? One can only guess after all the AVclub points out that John is also a talented improviser. "I don't make plans anymore. So I'm not living minute to minute…," said Mulaney.