Jenelle Evans probably wishes that the Parkland shooting never happened. Not for the same reasons the rest of us wish it wouldn't have happened. Moreso because her reaction to the shootings as well as her husband's reaction has caused a lot of drama that ended with David Eason getting fired by MTV.

Many "Teen Mom" viewers thought Jenelle Evans might be fired too. After all, her behavior was just as upsetting as her husbands. However, it looks like cameras are still rolling on the land and we're not done watching Jenelle on MTV quite yet.

Jenelle blocks Maci

Just yesterday, Maci Bookout shared an article from Teen Mom Talk Now, getting everyone going again. The article itself was about Jenelle Evans making fun of Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzales. The photo itself is a screenshot from the film "American History X" and shows Eddie Furlong, who starred in the film as he blew smoke in the face of a black student. The caption reads, "Emma Gonzales puffing vape smoke into a classmate's face after calling him a racial slur."

“Can anyone verify this picture? Just saw this on conservative Facebook. Huge if true," Jenelle shared along with the controversial photo. Did she really think that Eddie Furlong and Emma Gonzales were the same person?

Has Jenelle Evans not seen "American History X?" Clearly, Jenelle loves to stir up controversy and considering what the Parkland kids have been through, making fun of them is pretty offensive.

It's not funny and given the heavy nature of "American History X," the meme is even less entertaining.

Maci called Jenelle out for it, writing "So not okay!" before posting the link.

Jenelle doesn't want 'Teen Mom' stars talking about her

Apparently, Jenelle can have an opinion but not Maci. Or at least Jenelle doesn't want to hear about it. She retweeted Maci's comment and wrote, "I’m sorry Maci, I’m blocking you. This is ridiculous."

It didn't take long for the haters to come out in full force.

They quickly called Jenelle out for retweeting Maci, only to tell her that she was blocking her. They also reminded Jenelle that Maci didn't write the article. It's no secret that several of the "Teen Mom" stars share articles about each other all over social media.

Previously, Jenelle Evans tried to quiet her co-stars and keep them from gossiping about her. She sent them all cease and desist letters, demanding that they stop. Unfortunately for her. the move was met with more jokes than anything else. No one was really afraid of a lawsuit from Jenelle and they weren't even doing anything that she can take legal action for. Now it seems that Jenelle wants the "Teen Mom" stars not to talk about her again as she continues to anger fans and stars of the show with her controversial and often shocking point of view.