It's no secret that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier broke up. She's already moved on and is growing a family with new In boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Prior to Amber's new relationship, she and Matt filmed for "marriage boot camp: Family Edition" and have surprised viewers with some of their revelations.

Amber and Matt's relationship was rocky from the start.Considering how the former couple met, that shouldn't really shock anyone. Matt quickly worked his way into Amber's life and business dealings, making their breakup incredibly messy and full of drama.

The latest "Marriage Boot Camp" sneak peek was no exception. In it, Amber and Matt can be seen having a tense discussion in one of the bedrooms where Amber can be seen telling Matt how badly she hopes that the truth will come out. She tells Matt that she hopes he will take a lie detector test only to have him fire back that he already did.

Matt doesn't have Amber's back

During the conversation between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier that was featured in the WEtv clip, Amber calls Matt a "childish person."

The pair begins to argue about Matt's lying and Amber even brings up that he tried to brand her the liar. To that, Matt says, "Amber, it's going to take you killing somebody someday for people to realize who you really are."

She also tells him that his lying is a trigger for her and that it makes her "go f**king crazy."

Matt tells Amber that she "has everybody fooled" and that he will no longer have her back.

She shoots back, "You never had my back!"

Who hit who?

“I would like my exes to come out and say ‘Amber has never put a hand on me, never fought like that’,” Amber told Matt.

He quickly shot back, “Are you saying you never put your hands on me?”

Things quickly get tense with both Amber and Matt calling each other liars as she recalls an incident when she claims that Matt chased her.

That's when Amber, ready to explode on her former fiance, says, "You lying piece of s**t backstabbing con artist!"

Now we're getting somewhere. "Teen Mom OG" fans have been speculating pretty much since they hooked up that Matt Baier was just a con artist looking for a relationship with a reality star. Don't forget that it all started out back in 2015 when Matt was pursuing Jenelle, not Amber in the first place.

“You will not say, ‘Yes, I did hit her!' Amber shrieked at her ex.

To which, Matt responded, “Yes, I did hit her.

The response left Amber Portwood in total shock. With a look of disbelief, she said, “Oh my god" before the clip ended.