Ryan Edwards' bad behavior has definitely put his marriage in jeopardy and it's affecting the custody of his son Bentley too. The "Teen Mom OG" dad was recently arrested for drugs again. On top of that, he was exposed for allegedly having a Tinder profile and using it to cheat on Mackenzie Edwards after finding out she was pregnant.

Ryan's recent behavior earned him a protective order from his ex. Maci Bookout filed paperwork to keep Edwards away from herself and all three of her kids, including Bentley. Even Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney, filed a protective order to keep Ryan away.

We should find out today if that was granted or not.

Mackenzie leaves town

After previously defending Ryan amid all of the arrest drama, now it looks like Mackenzie Edwards might be ready to walk away even though she's pregnant with their first child together. She's clearly been through a lot with Ryan this month. Many "Teen Mom" fans wonder just how much she'll put up with from Ryan before she walks away for good.

On Friday, Radar Online reported that Mackenzie packed up and left town Thursday night. The "Teen Mom" wife is said to have headed for New York. The news came as a shock because normally, she spends weekends with her own son.

Typically, Mackenzie Edwards has her son Hudson from Friday through Tuesday per the custody agreement she has with his dad.

This weekend, Mackenzie skipped her scheduled time and went to New York instead. It wasn't made clear if this was a planned trip or if Mackenzie needed to get away after a week of horrible news.

A new cheating scandal

Mackenzie Edwards already tried to explain away Ryan's recent arrest. She said it was due to a missed drug test and that he already took a new one and passed.

What she can't explain away is his Tinder profile and three women who claim that they came up as matches to the "Teen Mom OG" dad.

Radar Online verified the phone numbers from Ryan's accusers and also confirmed they had Ryan and Mackenzie's phone numbers too after one of the women claims that Mackenzie called her and confronted her about talking to Ryan.

The Ryan Edwards cheating scandal was initially shared by the Youtuber who goes by Grace Report. Grace says that one of the women Ryan was talking to on Tinder came to her and wanted to talk about her communication with Ryan. The unnamed woman claims that not only was Ryan on Tinder but that he was using his real name. Apparently, that's about all he told the truth about, though.

The unnamed accuser says that Ryan claimed to be 25 in his Tinder profile but he's actually 30 years old. He also didn't mention that he was married and that his wife is pregnant.

What makes this all so much worse is that it's not the first time Ryan Edwards tried to step out on his relationship with women he's met on Tinder.

Back in August 2017, Ryan Edwards was busted for sending nude photos of himself to a woman that he met on the app.

Now, "Teen Mom OG" fans want to know if Mackenzie Edwards is going to stick around or if she's going to leave Ryan. With ongoing addiction issues and repeat infidelity too, being pregnant with Ryan's child just complicates the whole situation.