The Tournament of Power of the Universe Survival Arc “Dragon Ball Super” ended with a bang. The surprising finale tied many loose ends that triggered speculations among fans of the popular anime series. Despite Jiren the Gray’s unbelievable power, he was eliminated from the hotly contested competition. Universe 7 emerged victorious, and although Son Goku was never declared as the tournament’s MVP, it appears that the fandom is quite happy with how it turned out. With Episode 131 officially closing the recent arc, it seems that fans have no new update about the popular franchise.

Interestingly, the main character in the series has confirmed that there will be a new arc that follows the Universe Survival Arc.

Arc finale

Episode 131 of “Dragon Ball Super” has left the fandom wanting more. The team behind the popular anime series made Android 17 the MVP of the Tournament of Power. Whiz even revived Frieza into a mortal again as a gift from Universe 7’s god of destruction Beerus. One of the most interesting scenes in the final episode was when the Omni-Kings asked Son Goku if they would ever see him again. To this, the fan-favorite Saiyan replied a resounding yes. Many fans interpreted this scene as a confirmation that a new arc following the Universe Survival Arc has been confirmed.

To many, the Zenos represent the fans and Son Goku characterizes Toei Animation.

Previous confirmations

Earlier than the official airing of the episode finale, the legendary creator of the popular franchise already confirmed that there would be a new arc following the Universe Survival Arc. According to Akira Toriyama, the movie will be the continuation of the currently airing anime series.

He further revealed that it would show the origins of the Saiyans. He added that the movie would also feature Frieza. Toei Animation also confirmed this on the official website of the upcoming film.


Several days ago, Toei Animation released the first-ever trailer for the upcoming movie. It featured Son Goku getting ready for a fight.

His opponent was teased in the trailer, although his identity was never revealed. Many fans speculate that it could be Yamoshi, while others believe that it could be the new character that Toriyama-san made. The Saiyan was revealed in the trailer for the upcoming mobile game titled “Dragon Ball Legends.” Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball super” is scheduled to officially air in the cinemas in Japan on December 14. There are several claims that it will simultaneously be available on the same day in other parts of the world.