"Roseanne" has returned to the big screen for season 10 after over 20 years. Seeing the Conner’s back in action brings back memories. One of the most loved families in TV history has found their way back into the homes of their biggest fans.

'Roseanne' for the modern era

Now instead of coming through on tube TVs and antenna’s they will be providing laughs and life through flat screens and in HD. It is going to be a treat to introduce the Millennials to the TV family that kept us tuned in to ABC back in the day. The new generation gets to see what the older generations were able to relate to before reality TV took over.

Hopefully, The Conner’s can touch their lives as it has the lives of many others.

In May 2017 it was confirmed that the ABC network decided to bring back to life the famous 90’s sitcom. The entire original cast was available and ready to get back in action with the exception of Glenn Quinn. Unfortunately, Quinn died of an overdose back in 2002. There has even been a separate role written in for Sarah Chalke, who played Becky in the last few seasons. This upcoming season she will have her own personal role and Lecy Goranson will jump back into the role of Becky. The original location where the first nine seasons took place will be home for the tenth season as well. Picking up where they left off, the show has not lost its Real Life, yet comedic, touch.

It seems that there haven’t been many questions about the return of John Goodman as Dan Conner, even though he was presumed dead at the end of the last season. The laughs and the love of the cast back on set made for an epic first episode. Roseanne Barr and the cast have dominated the viewer rating for Tuesday night and it looks like it will continue to rise.

Roseanne a Trump supporter?

The premiere of "Roseanne" had over 18 million viewers tuned in for the full hour. It was in the top two for best ratings so far this year. All positive reviews followed the show and most were residents in Midwestern states. That is no surprise because Roseanne Barr is a proud Trump supporter and she made that very clear that Roseanne Conner is as well.

However her show sister Jackie is a Hilary Clinton supporter, so that brings tension in the home and represents what is going on in homes across America. Roseanne has never been one to hide from the reality of life and makes that very evident in the show. In previous seasons the show has always made a point to exude how real life issues can impact a family and this season will be no different. President Trump reached out to Roseanne to congratulate her on the success of the reunion. She was excited about the call and was very vocal about how Trump has treated her very well over the years. Roseanne has bought back that 90’s vibe with the political views of today.