We all know the catchy song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. It's a classic and who could forget listening to it on the radio? Now it's returned to the top Charts all thanks to a Viral tweeted meme! Just a viral tweeted meme sent a 41-year-old artist's song up the charts again, according to Mashable! This is pretty incredible given the way that a 41-year-old song can make a comeback in the current age of music. With artists such as Lil Pump, and Kodak Black making their way to the top charts, only to be met with classic music of this band.

Below is the song featured in the meme/tweet for reference:

Additionally, the meme/Tweet that has made the song so popular:

Is this a unique instance?

Additionally, the most recent trending Fleetwood Mac song prior to "Dreams" was "The Chain" that appeared in the infamous "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" trailer. All this points to a potential comeback for such "classic" music making its way into current pop-culture and more current media. This gets more interesting as well, given the way that pop-culture is currently trending. At also points to a potential comeback of artists similar to Fleetwood Mac.

Trending artist's such as R Kelly are able to enter the news time and time again, as they are a current part of pop-culture. But those artists like Fleetwood Mac were a part of past pop culture and require memes/tweets of the current culture to boost them into today's standing!

The analysis of the meme/tweet

This meme has had a pretty major impact on Fleetwood Mac's popularity and the trending song.

Without the tweeted meme the song would undoubtedly never have made it back onto the top charts of today. This simple joke by a fairly popular poster on Twitter has had a tremendous impact on the career of the infamous band and their place in current pop culture. Additionally, the woman depicted in the meme's video has also given the song a new meaning as it is associated with current trending memes.

Will it be remembered as a tweeted meme?

It cannot be said for sure whether the song will return to being the "classic" Fleetwood Mac song that we all remember. But it certainly appears that it will for the present be remembered as a meme/joke among today's crowd. Hopefully, it can go back to being remembered in the way that it previously was in our hearts but that remains uncertain for now. Fleetwood Mac is popular again, and that is all that matters, given the precedent that such popularity can set for future classic songs to return to the present pop culture.