You walk into the store and grab your desired goods. Then, you walk up to the counter, complete checkout, and pay by tapping your phone against a brick of some sort. What had once sounded like science fiction is now how most people in 2018 purchase their goods of choice and this is finally how those in Brazil with 'iPhones' or 'Apple Watches' can pay. According to ZDNet, Apple has partnered with Itau Unibanco, a local bank in Brazil to bring the much anticipated 'Apple Pay' to the country, as of this week.

How 'Apple Pay' will work in Brazil

In Brazil, things differ in the functionality of 'Apple Pay' from other countries.

Instead of allowing just any card or bank to work, for now, only Itau Unibanco cards will work with the service. While it will be initially limited to Mastercard and Visa from only Itau Unibanco as it launches in Brazil, the service will be growing soon according to ZDNet. Additionally, using the service, as reported by MacRumors, will function the same as other countries. In which, users will simply need to own a device such as the 'Apple Watch' or an 'iPhone 6' or newer to use the service. Additionally, 'iPad's' with 'Touch ID' will work with the service as well.

Brazil's new services

This is just one of many new tech services reaching Brazil this Spring. While 'Apple Pay' will be accepted at multiple locations such as Starbucks and Track & Field, according to MacRumors.

Other major services are coming as well, according to ZDNet, the most notable being the Google Play Store, which has been released in Brazil for the country's Android phones. This shows an upward trend in Brazil starting in which companies consider the country for the release of many products that have been available in the USA and Europe for quite some time.

This may even have larger implications for the country and its economy, that will hopefully be seen in the near future.

The impact of 'Apple Pay' in Brazil

The impact 'Apple Pay' and other services will have in Brazil is quite interesting and currently unknown. It can be speculated that the service will result in an uptick in the country's economy and standard of living, given how the services will bring Brazil closer to the USA and Europe.

Additionally, 'Apple Pay' will allow more banks and retailers to partner with Apple and bring a sense of unity to these companies through the service. While all of this is unknown for now, the future is interesting and will be changing thanks to 'Apple Pay' arriving in Brazil.