Michael A. MacRae is a director whose latest project is a feature Film titled "Fishbowl California.” Michael was born in raised in the Chicago suburbs and harbored an interest in acting since early childhood. Michael went on to attend radio and TV school. After a stint in radio, he moved to L.A. in 2010 where he started working solely on film projects. From his passion for acting, he branched out into directing.

Michael recently discussed these experiences and more via an exclusive interview.

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Meagan Meehan (MM): You started out in radio, so what was that like and how did it prepare you for the movie industry?

Michael A. MacRae (MAM): Honestly, radio is very different from the film industry. I can't say that it helped me in the film biz, but I did meet some great folks along the way, that have impacted my life and are the reason I'm here today!

MM: What kinds of roles do you enjoy playing most as an actor and why?

MAM: I think every actor enjoys playing a role that really resonates with viewers. Me personally, I enjoy playing comedic reliefs. My entire life is one big unfortunate comedic relief. Just ask anyone who knows me!

MM: How did you move into directing after acting and how is this job more challenging?

MAM: I directed my first short film in 2016 as a way to see if directing was my true passion--sure enough it was!

As a director, it's challenging in different ways from acting. To be able to communicate with an actor to get to their level is a true skill. I really enjoy it.

MM: What is “Fishbowl California” about?

MAM: “Fishbowl California” is a film about a guy pushing thirty, with no purpose in life. A drunk ailing widow enlightens him.

Think a modern "Harold and Maude" to some degree. It's a sweet story with lots of comedy, and the right amount of heart.

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MM: What were your experiences filming “Fishbowl California” like and how did you find the cast?

MAM: Filming was quite the experience. Being the guy who was wearing many hats, it was often challenging at times to juggle everything.

I had the best team around me that worked hard to make sure, as a director; I got what I needed from the production. The casting was fun — "Rodney" was the only character I ran full taped auditions for. Everyone else was all referral based. We were really lucky to be able to cast such great veteran actors on this movie project. It definitely added something special.

MM: What are your biggest goals for your future in entertainment and do you have any interesting and/or unique new projects coming up?

MAM: My biggest goal is to continue directing, and hopefully win an Oscar! Directing is my true passion. I have a film in Pre-production that we'll hopefully shoot later this Fall and will be available in late 2019 or 2020.

MM: So, Michael, would you like to discuss anything further?

MAM: Fishbowl California is available for Pre-order on iTunes. I'd love to connect with anyone over social media when they watch the film. Tweet me @Michael_MacRae and give me your thoughts. Let's talk shop. What worked? What didn't? That's the only way we can grow as artists!