One of the largest events at the University Of Pittsburgh this spring was the Bigelow Bash of 2018 on the famous Bigelow street. The event was splendidly run and had many amazing flairs added to it that were unexpected for many students. Also, on a personal note, this bash was my first, as a student, at the University of Pittsburgh, and I am really excited for 2019!

Food options at the bash

The bash had some great affordable food options. The process was interesting, as students were required to pay $1 per ticket, and in exchange, they would get 1 item of food from a food truck or stand.

This allowed the food to be more affordable for the students and make the process more convenient. Additionally, it made the chances of spending more at the bash increase since students were not spending what felt like real money. The options were fairly impressive for a single ticket as they included: 1/2 a grilled cheese in three options, one lemonade, three perogies, one ice cream, one waffle cone with mac & cheese and pork, and one crepe with banana or strawberry. There may have been other options as well but these were the ones I witnessed and tried at the event. A personal favorite was the waffle cone with mac & cheese and pork as that felt the most filling for the price paid and had meat.

The performance by Misterwives

The indie pop band Misterwives was the hit performance at the 2018 Bigelow Bash and they did a fantastic job. The performers were very professional about their work, brought an experience that felt close to a paid concert, and gave it their all, on stage, while smiling and enjoying themselves. There were no technical difficulties during the performance, they started on time right near 4:00 PM (EST) and they even played two songs that were previous hits.

They played "Reflections" and "Our Own House" and a few other songs. The song "Our Own House" was incredible in person as the start and ending had many twists added from the studio version of the song. Misterwives even took the time to play a finale song after a couple students shouted for "another." Additionally, Saint WKND performed as well, however, I did not get the chance to hear his performance but I assume he did an amazing job.

The UCIS Latin American studies event

At the same time as the Bigelow Bash, there was a fair for the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) Latin American studies department. That event added the option of some amazing Latin American food and performances by dancers. Additionally, this additional event benefited the Bigelow Bash by attracting Pittsburgh locals to the performers, the food trucks stationed at the bash, and the event itself. Also, to purchase the tickets required for the food at the Bigelow food trucks, the University required attendees to show their student identification card. This is understandable given the need for the affordable food destined for the students to stay available in supply, while also to prevent diverting business from the Latin American food tents. Overall, the way these events were run together was done in a harmonious and professional way.