The 45th President of the United States is an interesting character. He divides opinion, polarizes the nation, at home and on the world stage, threatens war with North Korea and Syria, and denies that climate change is real. Now we know why.

"Back to the Future" writer, Bob Gale has finally come out and admitted that he based the character, Biff Tannen, on Donnie himself. According to CNN Politics, Bob Gale has confirmed in an interview with The Daily Beast that Marty McFly's arch villain was in fact based on Donald Trump.

He's actually Biff Tannen

In "Back to the Future: Part II," Gale portrays Biff as a wealthy man who builds a 27-story casino and uses his money to influence law and politics. At the time of the release of the first film in the trilogy, Trump was making a name for himself in the real estate world.

When it comes to the movies, Trump is no stranger

Our president has appeared in no less than 12 movies, portraying himself in all but one. He's appeared in films such as the 1994 release, "The Little Rascals," where Trump played Waldo's dad, and he even won the Golden Raspberry for his portrayal of himself in the movie "Ghosts can't do it." If Trump can't even portray himself convincingly, then what hope do the rest of us have now he's running our country?

Trump has even appeared in 'Sex and the City'

In fact, Donald is quite the TV personality. Aside from "The Apprentice," he has played himself on TV no less than 17 times, even appearing in an episode of "Sex in the City" in an episode called "The man, the myth, the Viagra."

He has also guest appeared in an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and he's hosted "Saturday Night Live" twice, playing himself and other characters, like "The Taxman." But it's not just the movies and TV that have a Trump fixation.

Playboy has featured our illustrious president in three adult movies, although it should be stressed, not in any scenes of a sexual nature.

The music industry loves to hate him too

Puting NRA loving Ted Nugent aside for the purposes of this piece, Donald J. Trump has been referenced in songs no less than 107 times. He was first mentioned in "Gentrification Skank" by The Connotations back in 1986.

The Beastie Boys referenced him in their song "Johhny Ryall" depicting Trump battling his alter-ego Donald Tramp. Since becoming the president, the number of artists that have referenced Trump has increased, with 14 mentions since 2017 already. Songs like "Tiny Hands" by Fiona Apple and "Heat" by Eminem have not been complimentary to the 45th, but at least he's given them enough material to write the songs. Donald Trump has finally become a figure of Inspiration.