Once and for all, Lindsey Buckingham proved that you "can go your own way."

That's what he decided to do - or was told to do - in regards to the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour. Monday, April 9, 2018, brought the revelation that he wouldn't be part of that tour. Instead, the band will be bringing in some replacements to hold down the fort. As for Buckingham, he has made a habit of leaving the band at various points in their respective careers. Therefore, each side of the split knows how to move forward.

Fleetwood Mac ends the rumors

Rumors have been batted around social media for the past few days about a possible fracture within the band.

Those rumors could finally be put to rest due to reality on Monday. There are varying reports of who decided to end the relationship: Rolling Stone said Buckingham was fired, while other sources said he quit. Regardless, Fleetwood Mac is moving on - in a hurry, too.

They're set to launch their first tour in several years, some time in June. They've already found two replacements for Buckingham. The first is Mike Campbell, known for his work with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The other is Neil Finn of Crowded House. The rest of the main core, including the McVies, Stevie Nicks, and Mick Fleetwood will reportedly remain on tour.

Buckingham escapes the chains

This is the second time the lead guitarist and vocalist has separated from the group.

He left late in the 1980s because he didn't want to tour (and also because he needed some distance from his ex, Nicks). Buckingham went on to do some solo work in the interim. In 1992, he rejoined Fleetwood Mac to perform at Bill Clinton's inauguration. He didn't officially rejoin the group until 1997, though, when the original band toured for the first time in 15 years.

The band embarked on a massive tour a few years ago, hitting up 33 cities in North America. An album was supposed to follow but never did. Instead, Buckingham released an album with Christine McVie in 2017. They then proceeded to tour with that music. That should've been the first hint of a fracture within Fleetwood Mac.

Since they've been down this road before, a reunion could be possible in the future.

Time is not on the band's side, though. Buckingham, for one, is 68 years old. The rest of the band is getting up in age as well. This tour was likely the last time fans could see Fleetwood Mac together.

That dream, unfortunately, now appears to be scuttled like dust in the wind.