Episode 131 of the anime Dragon Ball Super” marked the ending of the series at least for now, while the manga manages to conclude the Tournament of Power saga, catching up. The series was being a thrill, offering very interesting battles, but in the end, Toei Animation determined to take a break.

At the end of that episode, we’ve seen Frieza fighting side by side with Goku to defeat Jiren, the strongest warrior the Z-Warriors have ever faced. Still, Frieza can’t stand the presence of Goku, and utterly hates everything that he represents. The only reason why he fought at the Saiyans’s side is that Goku promised to revive him should they win the Tournament.

He even abandoned that wish when Universe 7 won, comparing that situation to living in Hell. Surely it crossed his mind that he was never going to be revived, as his past deeds and his evil attitude condemn him.

Summarizing Frieza’s evil deeds

After invading hundreds of planets and subdued many races, he also killed many warriors without remorse (including most of the Namekian race, Krillin, Vegeta, Dende, and Piccolo). During his Kingdom of Evil, he used the Saiyan race as his invading force. This and the fact that he almost destroyed the Saiyan race are the reason why Vegeta hates him so much. Let’s remember that Frieza killed King Vegeta, Bardock and thousands of other Saiyans, including women and kids.

Still, after all of this, Goku was still willing to make good on his word. This is the reason why, under Beerus’s orders, Whiss used his powers to revive Frieza. Let’s also remember that Beerus has always had a very special relationship with Frieza and his father, as they did the God of destruction’s dirty work. In fact, it is said that it was Beerus who gave Frieza the order to destroy planet Vegeta.

This fact will probably be better explained during the upcoming movie to be released in December this year.

Rebuilding an empire

Frieza ruled not only an army but a whole exchange organization that included all the planets he conquered. With his death, Sorbet was in the need of assuming leadership of Frieza’s empire but he was later killed in the “Resurrection of Frieza” saga.

Sorbet was a member of the 3rd Stellar Region, which means that there are also more Stellar Regions that are waiting for Lord Frieza’s return.

At the end of episode 131, we finally saw Frieza assuming command of his forces once more, sure to continue his reign of evil. Surely the first things to do on his schedule will be re-organizing his exchange organization and the re-structuring his military forces.