The streaming giant Netflix has revealed that both the science fiction and fantasy genres are dominating the platform and have told its customers that they can expect more in the coming months. The genre toppled comedy as the most popular Netflix genre.

Digital TV reported that In 2017, comedy was top with 14 percent of users calling it their favorite genre. It later dropped in the first quarter of 2018 and is currently in third place, following action and adventure. Netflix has said that 29 percent of Netflix’s original content will be comprised of that genre.

This is not a surprise to many, as Netflix users have flocked to shows like “Stranger Things,” “Altered Carbon,” “Black Mirror,” and other original content. Netflix continues to release a number of sci-fi films such as “The Cloverfield Paradox.” Netflix’s push comes as other competitors are creating series in the same genre.

Netflix competitors are following suit

HBO saw massive success with their fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” and is now finding strong numbers with their sci-fi series “Westworld,” which is estimated to cost $8 million per episode. Amazon is also looking to create its own “Game of Thrones,” with their original “Lord of the Rings” based series, which will cost them $1 billion.

According to Ampere Anaylsis, which undertook the research for Netflix says that sci-fi and fantasy television are possibly entering a golden age. Ampere Analysis also pointed to the CBS All Access “Star-Trek: Discovery” series and Apple’s new series “Amazing Stories,” as part of the new wave of massive sci-fi and fantasy genre based series.

Ampere’s data came from interviews of more than 66,000 subscribers in 16 different markets while comparing it to Netflix’s program commissioning behavior to see how Netflix has been able to keep up with the changing viewing desires.

Netflix continues to expand its sci-fi based original content

Netflix is currently working on an original series based on the book and video game series “The Witcher.” They recently released a new version of “Lost in Space,” earning mixed reviews.

The streaming platform has been able to keep up with the increase in demand for the genres by expanding its production of films and shows from the genre.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said that share growth or decrease is all based on whether we make great original content and market it well and serve it up in an appealing way. Yahoo Finance has said that Netflix is expected to add nearly 6.5 million subscribers between April and June.