Dorit Kemsley was noticeably upset during last night's "Real Housewives of beverly hills" season eight finale when her co-star and friend, Lisa Vanderpump, informed her that her face had been cropped out of her pictorial for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. As fans of the show will recall, Kemsley posed for the magazine during an early episode of the eighth season and been quite particular about how she wanted things done behind the scene.

According to a recap of Tuesday night's episode shared by the Daily Mail on April 18, Vanderpump informed Kemsley that she would not be featured in the magazine after complaining about the photoshoot that took place.

In response, Kemsley said it was a "bit s****y'" for Vanderpump to have not given her a heads up about the decision.

Although Lisa Vanderpump attempted to defend not giving a warning to Dorit Kemsley by suggesting that the decision to cut her had been made the previous day, flashbacks from previous episodes of the show appeared to confirm the decision was made at least one month beforehand.

Parts of Dorit Kemsley were featured in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

While it was decided that Kemsley's face would not be printed in the magazine, she wasn't cut from the entire issue. Instead, the editors, including Vanderpump, opted to use parts of Kemsley, including her arms and hands, for their final product.

As she learned about the shocking news to remove her face from her photos, Kemsley appeared to tear up and was clearly disappointed. Meanwhile, Vanderpump didn't appear to have any regrets and later said during a cast confessional that the decision to cut Kemsley's face was the result of her co-star misbehaving.

"That's what we do in England when you misbehave -- it's off with your head," Lisa Vanderpump joked to the camera.

Are Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump still friends?

Kemsley may have been brought to the show as a friend of Vanderpump but when it comes to their current friendship, they don't seem to be that close. While it has yet to be confirmed whether or not they've actually ended their relationship, things between them appeared to be quite tense as the eighth season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" came to an end.

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