jax taylor has found himself in hot water with his boss, lisa vanderpump, more than once during his years-long employment at SUR Restaurant but has his run as a bartender finally come to an end? Last month, fans watched as Taylor revealed he had been offered his "dream job" in Tampa working in sports and next week, fans will watch as Vanderpump sends Taylor home after he flips out at the restaurant.

In the preview clip shared by Bravo on April 2, Taylor is seen confronting Adam Spott about his potential crush on his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright.

As fans have seen during previous episodes, Scheana Marie has been trying to get Spott and Cartwright involved and once arranged for them to hang out with one another outside of SUR Restaurant, where they all work. As the scene continues, Taylor is seen yelling at his co-stars, including Tom Sandoval.

"You can't f****** scream at your job," Cartwright tells her boyfriend. A short time later, Lisa Vanderpump gets involved and tells Taylor to get out of her restaurant. "I'm telling you leave!" she proclaims.

Jax Taylor lacks respect for his job

In addition to acting carelessly at SUR Restaurant, Taylor has suggested that he doesn't even care about the West Hollywood hotspot. In fact, he acted as if he didn't care at all when it was revealed that there had been a fire at the facility, and even joked that he wouldn't care if the entire place burned down.

Taylor has also acted irresponsibly toward his boss. As fans saw earlier this season, Jax Taylor was hired to help at an event for Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine but didn't arrive to the event until 45 minutes to an hour after the event began. Then, adding insult to injury, it was revealed that he had gone to get his hair cut instead of making a timely arrival.

Needless to say, Vanderpump wasn't happy and ultimately decided to send him home after his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, helped the rest of the staff.

What happened to his 'dream job' in Tampa?

While Taylor seemed to be very, very excited about taking a potential job in Tampa a couple of weeks ago on "Vanderpump Rules," there doesn't appear to be any solid evidence suggesting he actually took the job.

In fact, he seems to be in Los Angeles at the moment and hasn't spent any substantial amount of time in Tampa since revealing the news of the job offer.

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