In this compressed “American Idol” 2018 season, some things are happening so fast that fans hardly have time to digest the latest news. On Monday’s round of showcase performances (followed by trimming down to the Top 24 on April 2), shocking so-longs and jubilant good news traded places all night. Some performers seemed born for the big stage with an audience, and some bit off a bit more than they could artistically chew. Being a favorite was no assurance of any artist’s safe future in the competition.

Regarding the rapid pacing, my apologies to my readers for errantly reporting on this week's Sunday coverage that Dennis Lorenzo was among the performers cut.

There were numerous performances of “Home,” and I somehow got his name in the wrong set of performers. As you will note later in this article, Mr. Lorenzo has another happy ending.

Living for the stage

Young Layla Spring was first up to face the “final judgment,” as deemed by the show. She came alive with the crowd, performing “Proud Mary,” and got the panel's approval to move forward after three standing ovations. Michael J Woodard stuck with making bold song choices, and nailed his performance of Alanis Morissette's “You Outta Know,” and had no problem getting approval to go onward. Trevor Holmes may still be Katy Perry's “dreamboat,” but his version of “Slowhand” didn't do enough to keep him in the competition.

Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie all warned Gabby Barrett to stay away from doing Carrie Underwood, but the singer defied orders, saying she needed to show “diversity” in singing “Church Bells.” Somehow, Gabby is moving forward, with Bryan even dubbing her “next level.” Katy Perry praised Thaddeus Johnson’s “Rise” as better than her own on Sunday, but somehow the singer, who transformed his life after elimination in “American Idol” Season 9 was told that “now is not the right time.” His elimination seemed completely nonsensical and inappropriate, and the decision left Johnson devastated.

It must've been Michelle Sussett’s energy that appealed to the judges in her rendition of “24K Magic,” since she is moving forward. Dominique and Ron Boltongez were also among the fortunate to stay in contention.

Taking big leaps

Catie Turner took a “sultry” turn with Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance,” and her risk still paid off, despite being called “shaky” by Katy Perry.

Catie fell to the floor after getting the good news, then she rose to give everyone hugs, describing how “American Idol” has made her feel “wanted” and free to be herself.

Jurnee not only made it forward in the competition but also got to sing to her wife in the audience on “Never Enough,” and the loving ballad was perfect for the singer’s dedication. Shannon O'Hara sang Katy Perry's “Unconditionally,” and the judge called her a “spiritual ninja,” now hopefully able to hold onto her family home a while longer.

Kay Kay and Amelia Hammer Harris move on, too. Nursing student Noah Davis, also made a courageous pick to go with Lady Gaga on his big night, but moving away from his piano bench on “You And I” left the singer breathless, and he was booted off for now but welcomed back to try again.

Noah should at least have an alpaca to comfort him through the pain. Ada Vox sang a spectacular rendition of Radiohead's “Creep” before coming out to get the judges’ verdict as Adam Sanders, and being accepted to stay in the competition.

Cade Foehner feels called to lead a worldwide rock revival, and his passionate delivery on Kaleo’s “No Good” goes a long way toward accomplishing his mission. The rodeo rider turned rock 'n roller won unanimous votes to go on in the competition, displaying grace and humility.

Mara Justine was counseled on flinging her hair too much, but the teen is flying through the competition after her “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.”

Pairs and paternity

Garrett Jacobs and Laine Hardy share Louisiana roots and music in common, and their shared “American Idol” experience has drawn the singers closer.

They were asked to hear their fates together, and Garrett gets to move forward, while Laine takes a lonely ride home.

Another pair that held hands on the way to hearing individual fates was Effie Passero and Maddie Zahm. Both are powerhouse singers, and artists in every sense. Effie sang Garth Brooks'’ “The Dance” as a dedication to her mom, and the judges chose her as the one moving on. Katy Perry told Maddie how all the judges appreciated the new confidence that her “American Idol” journey has granted, but she is going home to her music students, and should never stop finding stages to welcome her.

The final decision of final judgment came for doting fathers Dennis Lorenzo and Marcio Donaldson, and the commitment of the young talents to “step up” and be there for their families was duly noted by Lionel Richie.

The anguish was palpable as the panel explained that slots were limited, before news that both dads would be holding onto their “American Idol” dreams a little longer.

Filling out the Top 24 are Alyssa Raghu, Dominique, Brandon Diaz, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Trevor McBane, and Maddie Poppe.

Next week, expect some dream duets with the hopefuls before 24 is whittled down to 14.