Has jax taylor had enough of reality television after dealing with years of backlash due to his behavior on "Vanderpump Rules"? Following a number of shocking on-screen moments, including his admission to cheating on his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, with one of their co-stars, he's discussing the possibility of moving to Florida for a new gig that would allow him to be closer to his family.

During Monday night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules," via a report by E! News on March 19, Taylor said that he was "ready" for something else and announced that he received an offer for a "dream job" in Tampa, Florida that would require him to handle social media, marketing, and client relations.

Taylor revealed to his co-stars. As fans of the series well know, Taylor is a major hockey fan. He went on to say that he would like to have a change of scenery in his life and be closer to his family in Florida.

Is working in hockey really Jax Taylor's dream job?

As E! News revealed, Jax Taylor has been discussing a change in career for the past few weeks of the Bravo TV reality series and wonders how much longer he will be able to continue on with his bartender gig at SUR Restaurant. Because of that, the job offer seems to be more enticing to Taylor, especially considering his fellow SUR employee and friend, Tom Sandoval, is set to open a new bar in Los Angeles with Tom Schwartz and their boss, Lisa Vanderpump.

Taylor said that there wasn't anything he'd enjoy more than working in hockey saying that he's always dreamt of it. However, according to his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, she's never heard a thing about Taylor's supposed life-long dream of working in hockey. Taylor's co-stars also questioned his potential career move and Stassi Schroeder took things one step further by asking whether or not there was actually a job offer on the table.

Jax Taylor doesn't know what Brittany Cartwright wants to do

As he and his co-stars discussed his reported offer to move to Tampa, the topic of Brittany Cartwright's dream job came up, but Taylor had no idea what her dream job actually was. Right away, she questioned Taylor's intentions and said that he seems to be focused only on himself and his own dreams.

She then said that she must not be his dream girl because he didn't even run the idea of moving by her. Instead, he made his decision without her input at all. In 2017, Taylor spoke to E! News about moving back to Florida, stating that he will not be staying in Southern California where he and Cartwright live now. He even named Tampa as a potential town to relocate to.