Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, has been facing tons of legal drama in recent years, including allegations of assaults against his former fiancé, Stasia Huber, and illegal drug use. So, rather than allow Lind to see his daughter whenever he pleases, Houska and the court system in South Dakota have put strict rules in place for his visitation. Unfortunately, those rules were recently broken.

According to a report by Radar Online on April 2, Houska endured a troublesome Easter Sunday (April 1) after learning Lind had violated their custody agreement and spent time with their eight-year-old daughter without court-ordered supervision.

In their report, an insider revealed that while Lind's parents weren't scheduled to spend time with Aubree over the holiday, Houska allowed them to have her for a couple of hours to be nice. Then, after picking the child up later in the day, Houska learned from Aubree that Lind was present during her visit.

Adam Lind also confirmed he spent time with the child when he shared a photo of himself and Aubree on his Snapchat account.

Chelsea Houska is 'livid' about Adam Lind's violation

"[Chelsea]'s livid and won't do that anymore," the insider said of Houska allowing Lind's parents to see the child. Houska has also e-mailed her lawyer looking for advice on how they should proceed after learning of Lind's custody violation.

Since January of this year, when Houska's custody agreement was amended, Lind has been required to see his daughter only at a visitation center where court-ordered monitors are present.

Houska's amended agreement also included detailed visitation for Lind's parents. “One weekend a month Aubree will be with [Adam’s parents] from Friday to Sunday," the agreement reportedly explained.

"Adam may not be present when Aubree is with [Adam’s mom].”

Chelsea Houska's ex was arrested last year

At the end of 2017, Adam Lind was reportedly taken into custody after he allegedly assaulted Stasia Huber, who he had become engaged to several months before. The former reality star was also accused of failing a court-ordered drug test during his ongoing custody battle with Taylor Halbur over their four-year-old daughter Paislee.

Chelsea Houska, her family, and her co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Briana DeJesus, and Leah Messer, will return to MTV later this year for a new season of "Teen Mom 2." Lind left the show years ago.