Just to survive “American Idol” 2018 group rounds is a daunting feat, and the April 1 round of solo performances to close Hollywood Week were designed to prove who the talents worth keeping were from the 76 remaining to this point. Voices and bodies are at the breaking point for many, but no one wants to let this moment pass without giving all he or she has.

Brandishing her tattoos and showing off her beautiful voice more powerfully than ever, Effie Passero sang Heart’s “Alone” as though she alone were ready to take the “American Idol” title. The judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, all felt her confidence, too.

Cade Foehner demonstrated just what a rock frontman should fulfill with “Feel It Still” with a different spin than the original by Portugal. The Man.

The two made for a beautiful start to the final “American Idol” test in Hollywood. Here are another seven performances that will inspire anyone to give a standing ovation.

Harper Grace wows the panel

Harper Grace purposefully made the choice to sing her own composition, “Rest in Peace,” about finding the strength to leave a toxic relationship without wishing harm in the end. The performance was complex and compelling, and the courageous choice paid off because she has carved out an artistic niche all her own in the competition. No one will remember her “worst” national anthem performance again.

Catie Turner needs no sympathy

The teenager completely comfortable with being herself had been encouraging fellow contestant, Noah Davis, through the day, and he gave an emotional performance of Kelly Clarkson's “Piece By Piece” before Catie took the stage. Catie introduced her song as being about the kind of men who think that ladies like herself only belong in the kitchen, making sandwiches.

She walloped the panel again with her original song, “Pity,” and there was no doubt of the point she was making. Katy Perry made the statement at the end, affirming that “we love men of quality who believe in equality.” Luke Bryan praised Catie Turner as “the unique of the unique.” Expect her to stick around for a very long while, and she'll take a turkey on rye.

Ron Boltongez brings it 'Home'

Several performers embraced themes of home for very personal reasons. Some chose the song “Home” by “American Idol” alum, Chris Daughtry, from the fifth season of the competition, while others went with “Home” by 11th season winner, Philip Phillips. Raised for years in the Congo, Ron Boltongez appreciates what home in this country means. Before he sang, he explained that “home is about the people around you,” and his performance of the Phillips version truly conveyed his heart and understanding, especially now that he is providing a home for his two younger brothers, as well as his own son. The panel was moved, and as he left the stage, the arena erupted in applause.

Maddie Zahm has more in her wheelhouse

Maddie Zahm, the music teacher for special needs students, dug deeper into her wealth of vocal talent and repertoire for this performance. The heartfelt singer stirred passionate blues with Patti Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain.” The judges were noticeably moved, but Katy Perry inquired, “Why she holding back?” with fellow judges. “She’s got more,” assured Lionel Richie. She needs to show how she can soar through the next weeks.

Britney Holmes proves to be a worthy surprise

Britney Holmes didn’t get a golden ticket when she originally auditioned, but she garnered heavy fan votes to win her way back to “American Idol” for Hollywood Week. She made it through the group rigors and seemed to realize all that was riding on these stage minutes.

Holmes dove into Ed Sheeran's “Dive,” and took the song for a soulful run. She just may be staying around, too.

Thaddeus Johnson does Perry proud

Thaddeus Johnson knew what a big song he was taking on for his biggest moment in choosing Katy Perry's “Rise.” From the moment he opened his mouth to sing, he transformed the song of affirmation into his own sermon. It was all three of the judges who chose to rise and give standing ovations, and Thaddeus Johnson felt the emotion. “That's how you do my song!” exclaimed Katy Perry.

Michael J. Woodard has show-stopping closer

Before his performance, 20-year-old Michael J.

Woodard was shown performing his usual duties while working at a bowling alley. Disinfecting smelly shoes and balls, and handling birthday parties for kids were normal parts of his day, so the passion and pressures of this week were especially different for this singer. Lionel Richie brought some assistance for the young man during his audition, when he sang “Make It Rain,” but this time, Michael seized the song and the stage with every fiber of his being with “Maybe This Time” from the musical, “Cabaret.” The judges were on their feet long before the finish of the song, and Katy Perry even threw over her chair. Woodard exclaimed that he was “outside ” himself during this performance. Lots of outside opportunities are sure to follow for this “American Idol” talent.

His time has come.

The performers were herded into three rooms as the panel of judges deliberated. Rooms 1 and 3 received the good news of going on in the competition, while those in Room 2 had to pack their bags. Favorites like Crystal Alicea, Brandon Elder, and Dennis Lorenzo will be leaving for now, but hopefully they will make another attempt and find more doors opening wide.

The pain isn’t over, as 50 singers will turn to just 24 by the end of Monday night, April 2.

NOTE TO EDITOR: All names, including for the band, Portugal. The Man., are spelled correctly. Thank you!