Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, has been facing legal issues throughout the past couple of years and by the looks of things, that won't soon change. Luckily, their eight-year-old daughter Aubree has a solid father figure in her stepfather, Cole DeBoer, who married the "Teen Mom 2" star in October 2016.

In recent years, Cole DeBoer has treated Chelsea Houska's oldest child as his own and has been to at least two father/daughter dances as her date. He also frequently gushes about the sweet child on his Instagram page, which has led many to wonder if he would ever adopt the child.

Adam Lind's daughter's last name was recently changed

While Adam Lind would have to first lose custody of Aubree completely, Teen Mom Talk Now recently raised the question of a possible adoption by DeBoer, stating that Lind has continued to struggle with alleged substance abuse issues and other legal troubles. The outlet also revealed that Aubree's name was recently changed from Aubree Lind to Aubree Lind-DeBoer and around the same time, Lind's visitation rights to the child were reduced.

While Lind used to play a role in his daughter's life, as fans witnessed on "Teen Mom 2," his time with the child has dwindled in recent years and when it comes to his youngest child, Paislee, he doesn't appear to see her much either.

In fact, it's unclear if he still has visitation rights to the child.

Chelsea Houska is living happily ever after with Cole DeBoer

After splitting from Lind following years of back and forth, Houska fell in love with DeBoer after the pair crossed paths at a gas station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Two years after meeting, DeBoer proposed to Houska off-camera and one year after that, they tied the knot off-camera.

While Houska used to expose nearly every part of her life, she's become more selective as she gets older and her family grows. That said, she did share a number of photos from her engagement and from her wedding wither fans and followers on Instagram.

As for what the future will hold for Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, more kids could be on the horizon.

After all, the couple was seen discussing their family over a year ago on "Teen Mom 2" season seven and, at the time, DeBoer appeared to be ready for more. So, a pregnancy could come at any moment.

Chelsea Houska and her family, including husband Cole DeBoer, daughter Aubree, and son Watson, are returning to MTV later this year for the new season of "Teen Mom 2."