Actress Sharon Stone took a hard tumble on the street after leaving a lunch date with a group of her gal pals at L.A.'s Grille and Alley. Dressed in all pink and wearing heals Stone hit the ground after leaving the restaurant. This humiliating event took place in front of Sharon Stone companions, a crowd and of course the paparazzi. It is not quite known what cause Sharon to lose her balance - if it was the heals she was wearing - or as Radar Online suggested, overdoing the wine with lunch.

Sharon Stone gives a thumbs up to photographers

After the fall, Sharon's friends helped her sit up on the ground for s couple of minutes while she composed herself.

As if falling publicly wasn't enough for one day, as Sharon made her way up from the ground the 59-year-old "Casino" star spilled out the entire contents of her handbag.

Harry Styles' the king of stage clumsiness

In a goodnatured letting a bad moment slide off your back gesture, once standing upright Stone turned to the camera snapping paparazzi and gave them a big smile and a thumbs up to let them know all was okay. Stone is not the only celebrity to have taken a public tumble recently. As previously reported, "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey, took a major blow from an overly excited contestant who sent him flying to the ground and nearly off the stage.

Luckily Drew, like Sharon Stone was unhurt and laughed off the Embarrassing event.

Some celebrities are caught falling in public more than others, and some are just notoriously known for their public falls. Stars are known for their, clumsiness...One Direction's Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and Garth Brooks have all taken several falls while performing on stage. Styles and Brooks have always laughed off their stage trips and Justin Bieber jumps back up never missing a beat and continues on.

We hope they are not too scarred from embarrassing moments. It happens to the best of us, more than most want to admit.

However, Rockstar Marilyn Manson did not escape unscathed when he fell during one of his concerts after climbing on a stage prop that tumbled over. Manson was carted off the stage and taken to a hospital for medical attention due to the injuries he sustained during the fall.

Not to worry, Manson recovered and is back on stage, climbing on the same prop. So it is all good.

We're just glad that Sharon Stone was not hurt. In today's world no-one, especially celebrities can suffer even the smallest stumble without cameras catching every embarrassing tiny moment of it! What are your thoughts on how Sharon Stone handled her most recent embarrassing moment?