Taylor Swift had a weird occurrence take place at one of the singer's homes. A man by the name of Roger Alvarado climbed a ladder outside Taylor Swift's New York City brownstone apartment, breaking a window to gain entrance. According to TMZ reports, things get a bit strange from here. After gaining entrance into Taylor Swift's apartment, Alvarado then reportedly decided to take a shower, before climbing into the "Shake It Off" singer's bed to catch a few hours of sleep.

Strange things keep happening to Taylor Swift

Thankfully, for Swift, the New York apartment is not her primary residence and she was not at home when the intruder decided to invade her domain.

A witness who spotted the break-in called in a report to the police who arrived on the scene to find Alvarado inside Swift's home arrested the intruder inside Taylor's place, carted him off to jail charging him with stalking, burglary, and criminal mischief. This is one of the darker prices a lot of celebrities have to endure when it comes to out of control super fans and stalkers. You just never know when and where you may encounter them.

New song 'Babe' featuring Taylor and Sugarland an instant hit

Taylor has sadly been the victim of several somewhat frightening and bizarre stalkers lately. Just recently at Taylor's Beverly Hills home, a stalker was arrested attempting to climb the walls surrounding her mansion to gain access to Taylor.

Swift also had another crazed stalker show up at the mansion wearing a mask and rubber gloves...Now that is scary. For the most part, these encounters turn out to be super obsessive fans hoping to get close to their person of desire and nothing dangerous ever comes from their attempts... But there is always the really weird ones that somehow slip in looking to harm the celebrity in some crazy way so there are no chances to be taken when it comes to Safety.

Taylor has been pretty busy lately working hard on a lot of new music. The singer has been reportedly working closely with country music's Sugarland on a new collaboration that has taken fans by storm. The song is titled "Babe" and is written by Taylor Swift about the "babe" who made all the wrong choices in a relationship and how ultimately they blew it.

This could very well describe all of the hit singer/songwriter's many past and some possible future relationship partners, don't you agree?

Any thoughts on who the "Babe" of Taylor Swift's song could be?