Jill Duggar cheered Derick Dillard on as he ran his first marathon in the United States. The former 'Counting On' stars have previously talked about a mysterious health issue that makes exercising difficult for Derick. However, Jill revealed that her husband made it the full 26.2 miles. She helped him prepare for the event by whipping him up a special pre-race meal loaded with carbs.

Jill Duggar boasts about her husband's athletic achievement

On Saturday, Jill took to Instagram to inform her followers that Derick had completed The Hogeye Marathon.

She praised him for doing an amazing job, and she made sure to let everyone know that he ran the full marathon, not the much shorter half-marathon or 5K races that were held the same day. Derick previously completed one of the 26.2-mile events when he was doing mission work in Nepal several years ago. On his Instagram page, he revealed that The Hogeye is the first North American marathon he has ever run in.

The race was held in Jill and Derick's hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. Because the couple didn't have to travel for the event, Derick was able to eat a home-cooked meal. He shared an Instagram photo of the feast that his wife prepared for him, and he thanked her for making "the best pre-marathon race meals." The spread on the couple's table included pasta, baked sweet potatoes, salad, avocados, asparagus, and rolls.

Derick Dillard overcame his gagging issue

Perhaps Jill wanted to brag about her husband's athletic achievement because completing a marathon hasn't been a possibility for Derick for a very long time. On a 2017 episode of 'Counting On,' Derick revealed that he could not exercise without gagging, dry-heaving, or spitting up mucus.

He was shown experiencing these issues while going for a run near the Duggar family's home, and he didn't make it far at all before he had to stop on the side of the road.

As reported by Radar Online, Derick had been suffering from this annoying health problem since he was a teenager. An allergy doctor eventually diagnosed him with allergies to a very lengthy list of plants and foods.

Clearly, pasta and sweet potatoes are not some of the foods that the Duggar husband is supposed to avoid.

Unfortunately for Duggar fans who want to see Derick running without having to stop and retch, the 'Counting On' cameras are no longer following him and Jill. Derick decided to pull his family from the show after he sparked a public outcry by tweeting negative comments about another TLC star, transgender activist Jazz Jennings. Now he and Jill are trying to make a living from their family ministry, and they're using social media to keep fans updated on their lives.