“Avengers: Infinity War” is just a few weeks away, and the fans can’t seem to contain their excitement anymore. Many characters that we have seen from their own Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will also appear in this most awaited film. One of these characters is Tony Stark’s Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr. What mostly stirs the fans about the appearance of Iron Man is the speculation that he is going to use the nanotech armor against Thanos.

Bleeding edge armor explained

In the comic books version, the Bleeding Edge Armor is a product of Extremis Virus.

Tony Stark upgraded the virus and connected it to his armor. The result is a nanotech-based armor integrated into Tony’s cells that emerge from his skin upon command. While it is fascinating to see Iron Man use a highly-advanced technology like this in the upcoming third “Avengers” film, the producers have decided to integrate the bleeding edge armor on his arc reactor instead.

But just because it is nanotech-based armor doesn’t mean it is durable. The main point of the new armor is that Tony Stark can go to action without having to bring his armor around. It can be lightweight and bring more firepower but it doesn’t mean that it can withstand heavy blows.

Incidentally, the latest trailer has given us a clue about Tony Stark’s latest Iron Man armor.

Most fans have already concluded that Tony Stark’s new armor is indeed the bleeding edge. But the new armor doesn’t seem to stand a chance against the Mad Titan because another scene was shown Tony wearing a damaged Iron Man suit. Does it mean that it is not made of vibranium?

Is Iron Spider-Man also using the same tech?

If there’s one thing that we can expect from Spider-Man in the “Avengers: Infinity War,” is that he would probably be wearing the same nanotech-based armor as well.

If we recall, it was Tony Stark who upgraded Spider-Man’s suit during “Captain America: Civil War.” If Tony Stark was able to upgrade his armor on the basic premise of an imminent threat, it is also possible that he would upgrade Peter Parker’s suit based on that assumption. By upgrading Spider-Man’s suit, the friendly neighborhood superhero would be able to fight his best without worrying about some kind of limitation that his current suit has. Also, the upgrade would be justified because the Avengers would need every ounce of their energy fighting Thanos and his Black Order to prevent them from collecting the Infinity Stones.