Marvel Studios’ upcoming superhero film “Avengers: Infinity War” was developed, by the independent MCU films, over the past ten years. What appears to link them together are the infinity stones, namely Tesseract or the Space Stone, Mind Gem, The Orb, Aether or Reality Stone, the Time Stone, and the Soul Stone. On April 27, all of the events that the movies have established over the past 10 years will be linked together and unfolded in the first part of the two part-Avengers film series.

How will Thanos fight the Avengers if they have the Infinity Stones?

It is common knowledge that most of the Infinity Stones are in the possession of members of the Avengers. The Time Stone is in the possession of Doctor Strange, while The Orb is in the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Mind Gem is in The Vision’s forehead and Thanos will simply take it by force, as we have seen in the trailer. So how exactly is he going to fight the power of the Earth’s mightiest heroes?

There are two likely scenarios that will play out in favor of Thanos. First, the Avengers aren’t exactly united at the moment. The events in “Captain America: Civil War” tore the Avengers into two factions, the Captain America faction, and the Iron Man faction.

Thanos’ level of threat cannot be easily addressed by a divided group of heroes. This is very evident in the trailer. Iron Man and Spider-Man will have a hard time fighting the Mad Titan.

Which stone will it be and who will be using it?

Another possible scenario is that Thanos will bring his own Infinity Stone to match the power of the ones that he’s going to snatch.

It is very likely that he already has the Soul Stone in his possession. Thanos will fight the Avengers using the Soul Stone that would be attached to his Infinity Gauntlet. This could explain why he was able to bring down The Vision and take away the Mind Gem in the first place. It is also highly possible that he also already has the Aether or Reality Stone which was previously in the possession of The Collector, Taneleer Tivan.

Whether he stole it or took it by force is something that we will all find out this coming April 27, 2018.

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy may appear during the last part of the movie. Why? This is to give the Avengers some sort of a handicap while facing Thanos. Thor may be the key to uniting the Avengers. However, as the team becomes whole again, Thanos might call on his Black Order to match the strength of the Avengers. Unfortunately, their fight might not happen here but instead, be shown on the fourth Avengers film in 2019.