'American Idol' alum Laine Hardy has a growing number of fans even though he was sent home from the show in the Hollywood solo rounds. He now put out a Teaser to his fans about something big that he's super-excited about.

Laine Hardy fans are getting desperate for something more from Laine. They want an EP, they want a tour, they want new covers, and now he is finally teasing them with something that may come off soon.

'American Idol' was not the end of fan interest in Laine Hardy

'American Idol' bitterly disappointed Laine Hardy fans when he was sent home, but they have stayed with him and follow him loyally on his fan pages, his Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

While he regularly puts out covers and posts up photos of him doing normal country boy things, fans are really hoping for more. Many of them would like to hear some original Laine Hardy numbers.

Most of them are holding thumbs that Laine will do a tour, or make an EP so they can download his music on iTunes and Spotify.

Laine Hardy teases an exciting 'something' on Instagram

Fans are now beside themselves as Laine Hardy has teased on Instagram that he is doing something he will be able to share with them very soon.

He captioned his post with, "I love all my fans! Y’all get ready because I have a lot of stuff coming up that I am excited to show y’all!"

This is not Laine's first teaser

A while back, Laine came up with another tease, when he posted about a recording studio.

He keeps saying he is busy doing something, but he is tantalizing his fans and saying nothing more at this time. Laine Hardy fans are on tenterhooks for something to break.

Laine likes to tease his fans, but it's time to deliver

In another post, after saying he's working on something, he did admit he likes to tease his fans, but now Laine's fans want the teasing to come to something they can really celebrate.

See the post below where Laine said he likes to tease his growing fan-base.

Tease by Laine gets fans excited

April 18 had fans excited over the latest teaser by Hardy. Many of them commented that they are "so excited" and that they "can't wait."

Some people asked Laine straight out if he was going to do a tour, but he won't be drawn it seems.

Laine sure knows how to keep a secret!

Instagram user, phoenix3311, wrote, " I am So freakin excited!! Whatever it is youre gonna kill it! Sending love from Edmonton AB."

User belleejulzz. praised Laine, writing, " wishing you the best of luck in this career, you are amazing!!!"

Meanwhile, lainehardy_fanpage posted, "I’m so excited I’m waiting to spend my birthday money on your merch and songs I’m so happy for you laine I know you will get far Love you so much!!!!!"

Other fans were asking if it was a new single, as they really want to download his music. Whatever it is that Laine Hardy, "American Idol" alum, and Louisiana country boy, is teasing it will go down very well with his fans. For many of them, the sooner the better.